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Outpost 186 September 2018 Concerts & Events

Frode / Lonberg-Holm Quartet
Thursday 13 Sept. 8pm

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St. (rear), Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Shows All Ages

"The finest in real-time analog musical experience!"
"Something for everyone, nothing for nobody!"

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3/18 : harpist Charles Overton performing @ Outpost on recent WCVB Ch. 5 Chronicle


Poetry Readings at Outpost 186 is a new series curated by renowned poet Ben Mazer, who is currently Poet in Residence at Outpost 186. See link above for complete calendar listings for the series. Series begins Sept. 2017.

May 2017: I was interviewed on Chan. 5 Chronicle program feature on Inman Sq about Outpost:

LIFE DRAWING IS BACK! Sunday mornings 10am - 12:30pm
contact : Elena Saporta :


Steve Provizer has a jazz radio show, the Duplex Mystery Jazz Hour on WZBC 5-7 Thursdays. He has people on to play and promote their gigs. Contact if interested: s.g.improviz at gmail dot com  - streaming at :  90.3 FM


OUTPOST has now installed  theatre lights for performances, four (4) pots with gels on a wall dimmer. Now no more screwing around with the track lighting, you little bastards! ;)

send us links to your recordings made at Outpost & we will post them.

some video of the 28 Jan. '12 Bern Nix show here

We are saddened at the news of the passing of our friend Bern Nix, May 2017

blogs by our pals:


Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11 parking lot. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm door unless otherwise noted (8:30pm Mondays).
General admission, donations requested.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, spitting, alcohol, ether, qat or laudanum please!
Note: nothing is served, it's just music & chairs, Pal!
Parking: are you feeling lucky? well are ya?

OUTPOST will be available for most public performances @ $100 per single event.
Recurring series of 3 or more events are available @ $75 per event.
Detailed rate card see OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK

CONTACT: Rob Chalfen, director:
DETAILS: OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK - You must read this before you produce a show @ Outpost!
AACHTUNG! You must be 21 to produce events at Outpost.


OUTPOST 186 is also available for meetings, readings, workshops, film shoots, theatre rehearsals, & other (non-musical) weekday daytime events.


Outpost regularly exhibits visual art! If you are an artist and would like to exhibit @ Outpost, please send your website url to, or arrange to show your portfolio. Outpost does not charge artists to display art.


Outpost 186 is pleased to present LIFE IS GREEN, the second solo exhibition of Ariel Danielle Norris. Norris has worked within the canonical genre of photo realism in order to question the universalism of the photo-fiction. She pulls abstraction, montage, cartoons, and expressionistic styles back into the frame, while delicately sustaining a suspension of disbelief inherent to the photographic. Her paintings weave together autobiographical narratives and portraits with literary, pop culture and art historical themes.  Focusing on the “fini” of the painting surface, as and allegory for the camera flash, she blurs lines of illusionary and indexical representation and renders a personal poesis into the genres.

Ariel Danielle Norris (b. 1991, Georgia)  Grew up in the Southern Appalachia, then relocated to Boston for college. She graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2014, and while enrolled there attended the Yale Norfolk Painting residency.  She now lives and works in Hudson, NY.

afternoon matinee show :
Sunday 2 September @ Outpost, 2pm $10 or b/o

West Street Trio +  Fable Grazer + Clemydia & Maszkowicz + Emma Souharce

West Street Trio
Fable Grazer

Clemydia & Maszkowicz (PL-CH) - brainwaves & feedbacks

Emma Souharce (FR-CH) - loops & synths

Sunday 2 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
The Inflatable Wonderboy + Subject : Matter Tap + Max Ridley
the Inflatable Wonderboy -

Subject:Matter Tap -

Max Ridley -

Tuesday 4 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

First Tuesdays Jazz Jam

House Band special guests: Blue Donut Safari!

BDS is a high-intensity jazz quintet featuring:

Chris Pitts - tenor sax / Michael Chasse – trombone / Richard Hale Shaw - bass / Mike Ball – bass / Johnny Horner – piano / Gillian Delear – drums, percussion / David Mann – drums

A jazz jam open to the public to listen and for musicians to sit in and join us.

Check out our Facebook page:
Check out our MeetUp group:

Friday 7 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Outpost 186 Duo Series

Robbie Pate – voice, piano

Ryan Fedak – vibes, percussion

Javier Rosario - guitar

Zachary King - drums

Massimo Paparello - trumpet 

Alex Bilodeau - bass

Sunday 9 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Dave Bryant Quintet

Dave Bryant – keyboards

Tom Hall – tenor saxophone

Eric Hofbauer – guitar

Jacob William – bass

Miki Matsuki - drums

Monday 10 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Conflict Zone: A Play of Mental Health and Other Wars – a one-woman play

Leahy Ardon (Leahy Ish Shalom), an Israeli - American artist, is the author of the one - woman show, Conflict Zone. The play presents the journey of recovery from an eating disorder in a unique and relatable way: taking the audience on a ride through laughter and tears.

Conflict Zone explores the connections between internal and external war leaving the audience touched and shaken. The play is meaningful for both those who suffered from this disorder and their loved ones, as well as for those who know little about it.

Wednesday 12 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Jacob William - Para Quartet
Forbes Graham - trumpeter
Steve Lantner - piano
Jacob William - bass
Laurence Cook – percussion

Fred Lonberg-Holm & Frode


Thursday 13 September @ Outpost, 8pm $15 or b/o

Frode / Lonberg-Holm Quartet

Frode  (Norway) - sax/clarinet

Fred Lonberg-Holm - cello 

Jeb Bishop - trombone

Curt Newton - drums 

Frode has for many years declared his enthusiasm towards small line-ups, and especially trio. With almost 120 recordings as a leader/co-leader he has established himself as a major saxophonist on the international scene. His trios have included strong drummers and bass players such as John Stevens, Hamid Drake, Paal Nilssen-Love, Rashied Bakr, Johnny Dyani, Kent Carter, Jon Rune Strom, and William Parker.

Composer, cellist, and improviser Fred Lonberg-Holm studied composition at Brooklyn College
(BS) and Mills College (MA) and was active during that time in the downtown New York
improvised music scene. From 1995 to 2017 he was based in Chicago where he led his own
groups, including the Valentine Trio, Terminal 4, and Seval, and participated in numerous
projects, including the Peter Brötzmann Tentet and the Vandermark 5. Now living in Kingston,
NY, he currently is a member of Joe McPhee’s Survival Unit III, the NRG Ensemble, Fast Citizens,
Party Knüllers, Boxhead Ensemble, and Ballister among many other projects. He also leads
several ensembles, including his trio Stirrup and the Lightbox Orchestra. Fred has appeared
and/or had works performed in numerous festivals around the world, including Saalfelden,
Kongsberg, Moers, A L’Arme, Chicago, Morelia, Tokyo, and Newport, among others. He has
worked with a wide variety of improvisers, including Lotte Anker, Jaap Blonk, Peter Brötzmann,
John Butcher, Axel Dörner, Peter Evans, Mats Gustaffson, Shelly Hirsch, Charlotte Hug, Mazen
Kerbaj, Ikue Mori, Don Moye, Paal Nilssen-Love, Rob Mazurek, Avreeayl Ra, and Michiyo Yagi,
as well as numerous others. His extensive discography includes free improvised and free jazz
recordings for Delmark, Clean Feed, Trost, NotTwo, Atavistic, Emanem, among others.

Frode  and Fred Lonberg-Holm have been collaborating for almost 2 decades.  During that time they have made several duo records as well as a record with Paal Nilssen-Love and Amit Senn, Michael Zerang and two with VCDC (with S. Solberg and S. Motland). 

Writing for All About Jazz, Eyal Hareuvini says: "Frode and Lonberg-Holm are excellent partners for this kind of free-form improvisations, both experienced and creative musicians, fast thinking, collaborative and supportive and ready for any sonic challenge."

Saturday 15 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Leap of Faith –

PEK – saxophones, clarinets and double reeds

Glynis Lomon – cello, aquasonic & voice

Yuri Zbitnov – drums, percussion

Eric Zinman – piano

Syd Smart – percussion & electronic percussion

Two Glynis Lomon ensembles merge into one for this Leap of Faith extravaganza!  Core Leap of Faith (Glynis, PEK and Yuri Zbitnov) are joined by Syd Smart and Eric Zinman from Glynis’ other band New Language Collaborative.  Boston area pure improvisation at its finest!

Wednesday 19 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Christopher Braig / Pat Battstone

ChristopherBraig – soprano sax, flute

Pat Battstone – piano

Christopher Bing is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist, composer, author and recording artist artist. Christopher is a sought after soloist and collaborator. Intensely creative, he often explores sonic textures with flutes and percussion emerging from years spent immersed in Haitian, Jamaican, Cuban and Puerto Rican music, while traveling the Caribbean and living in Miami. His most recent release is with the group 4=ONE, "Free Jazz Dance Party & Cosmological Boogaloo"  

Christopher will be premiering a collection of new pieces combining improvisation and field recordings from the Natural World, including :

Your Inner Fish

Journey To Chauvet

and the premier of Five In The Afternoon dedicated to Spanish poet. Garcia Lorca

Thursday 20 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Charlie Kohlhase's Explorers Club

Charlie Kohlhase - alto, tenor & baritone saxs / Seth Meicht - tenor sax Daniel Rosenthal – trumpet & flugelhorn / Aaron Darrell - bass / Curt Newton – drums

Friday 21 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

The Johnny Horner Trio Jazz jam session. Come and play

Johnny Horner – piano / Dave Mann - drums / Ricard-Hale Shaw - bass

Saturday 22 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Kit Demos’ Dark Matter Series presents

Dark Matter + Brad Linde's Team Players (DC)

Dark Matter

Gio Ablanese – accordion / Carla Restivo - sax

Kit Demos – bass, synth /Joe Musacchia - drums

+Brad Linde's Team Players (DC)

Brad Linde - alto saxophone, piano, bass clarinet

Billy Wolfe - tenor saxophone, oboe, clarinet

Deric Dickens - drums and percussion

Brad Linde's Team Players celebrates the release of their 3rd album, "Smells Like Team Spirit" with a tour featuring music inspired by bowling and space exploration.  In addition to new music written by the entire team, the quartet reimagines songs by Jimmie Haskell, Bent Fabric, Albert Ayler, and old chestnuts associated with Thelonious Monk.

Tuesday 25 September @ Outpost, 8p $10 or b/o

Chase / Lantner / Gray

Allan Chase - saxophones

Steve Lantner - piano

Luther Gray - drums

Friday 28 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

James Merenda & Tickle Juice

James Merenda - alto sax / Tom Duprey – cornet / Vanessa Morris – piano / Paul Dilley &/or Scott Sandvik – guitar  / Maria Gorkun – violin / Jon Dreyer – bass / Miki Matsuki - drums

With their debut album Roots to the Stars in 2014, improvisation meets liquid jazz, Bulgarian reggae and Michael Jackson at a rock concert, shaken (not stirred) with your local orchestra and resident street musicians. These parched and passionate improvisers meet the music of James Merenda, exploring beyond where dreams take you.

Saturday 29 September @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o


Grace Herzog - keyboards, percussion 

Shami Ejiet - voice, african drum

Dennis Suozzi - drums 

Cha Feliz - guitar, percussion 

Zack Facco - bass 

Michael Bloom - guitar

ISAO - guitar

Michael Redmond - drums, percussion 


Monday 15 October @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Departure Duo

Edward Kass - double bass

Nina Guo - soprano

Wednesday 17 October @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Lewis Porter-Phil Scarff CD Release:

Three Minutes to Four (on Whaling City Sound)

An evening of jazz, ragas, and free improvisations!

Lewis Porter - piano

Phil Scarff - saxes

John Funkhouser - bass

Bertram Lehmann – drums





Occasional Series:

Rob Chalfen presents: subconsciouscafe new chamber music series
Rob Chalfen's long-running improvised music series continues at OUTPOST. Innovative chamber music at play on the spectra of jazz, electronic, classical and world. Also may be dug by the non-subconscious mind.

Dave Bryant - veteran Ornette Coleman Living Color pianist presents an ever-changing ensemble of originals and avant classics (jazz) Monthly, tba

Jessica Bozek presents : The Small Animal Project Reading Series - poetry & fiction (occas. Tuesdays)

Jacob Williams Para Quintet - the great bassist presents various combinations


Boston Poetry Marathon - annually, usually 2nd weekend of August 
Regular Monthly Series:
1st Tuesdays: Gillian DeLear presents Jazz Barracudas - jazz jam 

4th Tuesdays: Steve Lantner presents: jazz originals & free-improv with a tight group of sympaticos

4th Wednesdays: Michael K. Harrist presents Original Music drawing from the Ottoman Art Tradition


3rd Thurdays: Charlie Kohlhase's Explorer's Club - challenging & humorous arranged pieces by Kohlhase, John Tchicai, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker & others, mid-size ensembles (jazz)

4th Fridays: James Merenda presents Tickle Juice - featuring James Merenda - alto sax & his regular band (jazz) "high-energy original music, jazz & beyond!"

4th Saturdays: Kit Demos presents Dark Matter Series
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Thank you,
Harlan T. Flash
Corresponding Secretary,
Outpost World Enterprises

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