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Outpost 186 June 2017 Concerts & Events

Val Kuehne - Sat. 24 June

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St. (rear), Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Shows All Ages

"The finest in real-time analog musical experience!"
"Something for everyone, nothing for nobody!"

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For what it's worth, we have a Facebook page: OUTPOST186 & Facebook GROUP - please join the group, the page may go away.

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May 2017: I was interviewed on Chan. 5 Chronicle program feature on Inman Sq about Outpost:


Steve Provizer has a jazz radio show, the Duplex Mystery Jazz Hour on WZBC 5-7 Thursdays. He has people on to play and promote their gigs. Contact if interested: s.g.improviz at gmail dot com  - streaming at :  90.3 FM


OUTPOST has now installed  theatre lights for performances, four (4) pots with gels on a wall dimmer. No more screwing around with the track lighting, you little bastards! ;)



some video of the 28 Jan. '12 Bern Nix show here

Interview with Bern Nix

We are saddened at the news of the passing of our friend Bern Nix, May 2017

SUNDAY LIFE DRAWING WITH DAVID LEE is back! Contact: dleeway1116@hotmaildotcom
OUTPOST now hosts life drawing classes, Sunday mornings 10am - 1pm
Each and every Sunday Mick Goodrick and I host a meeting of the art worlds. 3 hours of drawing and our live improvisational music. We call it right brain sanctuary. It's quite amazing and indescribable how these sessions, with a live model, great friendly artists, musicians, music and chocolate all combine to offer the deepest insights into the creative process, how art and music inform one another.
If you're free, Outpost Gallery 186 1/2 Hampshire Street, Inman Sq Cambridge from 10 AM to 1 in the afternoon. We collect $15 for the model. All are welcome, bring your own drawing materials.

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Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11 parking lot. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm door unless otherwise noted (8:30pm Mondays).
General admission, donations requested.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, spitting, alcohol, ether, qat or laudanum please!
Note: nothing is served, it's just music & chairs, Pal!
Parking: are you feeling lucky? well are ya?

OUTPOST is currently available for most public performances @ $75 per single event -
Recurring series of 3 or more events are available @ $50 per event.
Detailed rate card see OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK

CONTACT: Rob Chalfen, director:
DETAILS: OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK - You must read this before you produce a show @ Outpost!
AACHTUNG! You must be 21 to produce events at Outpost.


OUTPOST 186 is also available for meetings, readings, workshops, film shoots, theatre rehearsals, & other (non-musical) weekday daytime events.


Outpost regularly exhibits visual art! If you are an artist and would like to exhibit @ Outpost, please send your website url to, or arrange to show your portfolio. Outpost does not charge artists to display art.

CURRENT EXHIBIT: Michael Manning - photography

Friday 2 June @ Outpost, 8pm $15 general $10 students

Robbie Pate Duo Series

Richard Garcia & Caio Afiune Duo

Robbie Pate & Michael Gary II Duo

Robbie Pate – voice / Michael Gary II - guitar 


Richard Garcia - saxophone  / Caio Afiune - guitar 

Sunday 4 June @ Outpost, 8pm $8 or b/o

The Bag Trio

Nathan See - alto sax / Francois Chanvallon – guitar - Noah Harrington - bass  

The Bag Trio, so named because of it's instrumentation (Bass, Alto Sax, Guitar), has travelled for eons, searching the stars, and looking for fresh Terra onto which they can sprinkle their unique brand of improvized, drumless music.  Catch them at 8:00 for two once-in-a-dimensional-cycle stellar sets!  $8 at the door

Tuesday 6 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Jazz Barracudas Jazz Jam

Chris Pitts - tenor sax / Michael Chasse – guitar / Richard Hale Shaw - electric upright bass / Michael Ball - upright acoustic bass / Alan rowe – piano / Johnny Horner – piano / David Mann – drums

March madness ensues at the highly acclaimed Outpost 186 when the Jazz Barracudas take the stage with their swinging groovy tunes influenced by jazz composers from Coleman Hawkins, Wayne Shorter, to Joe Henderson.

Thursday 8 June @ Outpost, 8:30pm $10 or b/o
Away Zone

An evening of improvized music amidst musical counterparts:

Pat Battstone – Fender Rhodes, electronica / Eliot Cardineaux – piano, poetry / Ilona Kudina – Latvian & Mexican flutes / Kit Demos – bass, modular synth

Facebook Event

Friday 9 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Fo, Fa, Seng! (The Chronicles of Chan) A Shadow Puppet Story
Season one – episode six


The final installment of an experimental shadow theatre series, written and directed by Nick Wickstrom.

Theatre like you've never seen before! Shadow puppet master Nick Wickstrom invites you to the telling of an epic tale, where charming characters come to life in a dark and mysterious vision of reality. Including mind-bending cinematic effects, captivating artwork and live music, and a compelling story that questions and inspires, the series unfolds one episode each month at the Outpost 186 Gallery. 
Nick Wickstrom - Artistic Director / Katya Popova - puppets

Allison Burik – clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion

Bengisu Gokce – violin, percussion / Dan Lay – viola, percussion
Max Ridley - acoustic bass

Saturday 10 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Paola Pierce Trio
Simon Fagerstedt - electric bass
Juan Mejia - drums
Paola Pierce - pano
Paola Pierce presents her latest project; new music that mixes Jazz and traditional Colombian styles.

Sunday 11 June @ Outpost, 3pm $10 or b/o

Harvey Diamond Trio w. special guest RICHARD TABNIK (NYC)

Harvey Diamond – piano / Jon Dreyer – bass / Dave Hurst– drums

FEATURING Richard Tabnik – tenor sax

Monday 12 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

"Max Ridley's Sci Fi Band"

Matt Hull – trumpet, electronics / Ryan Easter – trumpet, spoken word  Aaron Gelb - bass clarinet / Matt Stubbs - bass clarinet / Ian Berg - tap dance Maxwell Salinger-Ridley - upright bass

Tuesday 13 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Kyle Motl – solo bass

Thursday 15 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Charlie Kohlhase's Explorers Club

Charlie Kohlhase - alto, tenor & bari sax / Seth Meicht – tenor sax / Daniel Rosenthal - trumpet & flugelhorn / Jeb Bishop – trombone / Eric Hofbauer – guitar / Aaron Darrell – bass / Curt Newton - drums

Music by Kohlhase, Graham Connah, Aaron Darrell, Elmo Hope, Makanda Ken McIntyre and John Tchicai. 

Friday 16 June  @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Johnny Horner Trio ~ jam session

Johnny Horner – piano / Mike Ball – bass / Gillian DeLear - drums

Jazz music. One hour concert, then a jam session

Saturday 17 June @ Outpost, 4pm by donation

Poets Yuyutsu Sharma and Philip Nikolayev

YUYUTSU SHARMA is a prominent poet of Nepal and India now on tour of the US. His publications include Quaking Cantos: Nepal Earthquake Poems (Nirala) and the beautifully produced Nepal Trilogy: Annapurna, Everest, Helambu & Langtang (his collaboration with the famous German photographer Andreas Stimm).

PHILIP NIKOLAYEV is editor of Fulcrum and the author of Monkey Time (Verse/Wave Books) and Letters from Aldenderry (Salt). He co-edits FULCRUM, a serial anthology of poetry and criticism.

Saturday 17 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Leap of FaithDynamical Systems

PEK - clarinets, saxophones, double reeds, electronics

Glynis Lomon - cello, aquasonic, voice

Yuri Zbitnov - drums, percussion

+ strings (TBD)

Leap of Faith explores adding extra strings to the core ensemble…  A new and different flavor of LOF!

Sunday 18 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

ad hoc music series presents

The Curators

Steven Long – piano

Grant Beale – guitar

Drew Wesely – guitar

Dan O’Brien – woodwinds

Guest Artists TBA

Monday 19 June @ Outpost, 8:30pm $10 or b/o

Bryant / Hofbauer / William / Rosenthal

Dave Bryant - keyboards
Eric Hofbauer - guitar
Jacob William - bass
Eric Rosenthal - drums

Tuesday 20 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Lior Tzemach Group

Lior Tzemach - guitar

Eviatar Slivnik - drums

James Dale - bass

Ron Warburg - trumpet

Paul Melhus - saxophone

Lior Tzemach presents a group of musicians who are known for their flexibility and wide musical approach. The group will present Tzemach's original compositions, creating a musical ambience that is unique and communicative.

Val Kuehne

Saturday 24 June @ Outpost, 8pm $20 or b/o (please note special price for this show)

Valerie Kuehne with The Away Zone
Pat Battstone – piano, rhodes, electronica / Eliot Cardinaux – piano, Rhodes, spoken word / Iliona Kordova – flutes / Valerie Kuehne – cello, voice / Kit Demos – bass, modular synth

Monday 26 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

"Max Ridley's Sci Fi Band"

Matt Hull – trumpet, electronics / Ryan Easter – trumpet, spoken word  Aaron Gelb - bass clarinet / Matt Stubbs - bass clarinet / Ian Berg - tap dance / Maxwell Salinger-Ridley - upright bass

Tuesday 27 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Lantner / Chase / graham
Forbes Graham - trumpet
Allan Chase - saxophones
Steve Lantner - piano

Wednesday 28 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Volkan Efe, Michael K. Harrist and guests

Original music inspired by the Ottoman Art Music Tradition

Volkan Efe - oud, kemence, ney, voice

Michael Harrist - contrabass, yayli tanbur, ney

The ensemble will present instrumental pieces from the Ottoman art music tradition, şarkılar (songs) and ilahiler (hymns).

Thursday 29 June @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Tim Watson/Alexei Tsiganov Quartet

Tim Watson - guitar, electronics

Alexei Tsiganov - piano

Simón Wilson - bass

Gary Fieldman - drums

The Tim Watson/Alexei Tsiganov Quartet is comprised of some of Boston’s most in demand jazz musicians. With a group like this, anything is possible!

see July page for future shows!

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