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Outpost 186 Concerts & Events, November 2014

Naked Roots Conducive w. Valerie Kuehne - Thursday 6 November, 8pm

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Shows All Ages

"The finest in real-time analog musical experience!"
"Something for everyone, nothing for nobody!"


For what it's worth, we have a Facebook page: OUTPOST186

A short helpful video on how to locate OUTPOST186




OUTPOST has now installed  theatre lights for performances, four (4) pots with gels on a wall dimmer. No more screwing around with the track lighting, you little bastards! ;)



some video of the 28 Jan. '12 Bern Nix show here

Interview with Bern Nix

NOTE : SUNDAY LIFE DRAWING WITH DAVID LEE is back! Contact: dleeway1116@hotmaildotcom
OUTPOST now hosts life drawing classes, Sunday mornings 10am - 12:30pm

Each and every Sunday Mick Goodrick and I host a meeting of the art worlds. 3 hours of drawing and our live improvisational music. We call it right brain sanctuary. It's quite amazing and indescribable how these sessions, with a live model, great friendly artists, musicians, music and chocolate all combine to offer the deepest insights into the creative process, how art and music inform one another.
If you're free, Outpost Gallery 186 1/2 Hampshire Street, Inman Sq Cambridge from 10 AM to 1 in the afternoon. We collect $15 for the model. All are welcome, bring your own drawing materials.

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Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11 parking lot. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm door unless otherwise noted (8:30pm Mondays).
General admission, donations requested.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, spitting, alcohol, ether, qat or laudanum please!
Note: nothing is served, it's just music & chairs, Pal!
Parking: are you feeling lucky? well are ya?


OUTPOST is currently available for most public performances @ $75 per single event -
Recurring series are available @ $50 per event.
Detailed rate card see OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK

CONTACT: Rob Chalfen, director:
DETAILS: OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK - You must read this before you produce a show @ Outpost!
AACHTUNG! You must be 21 to produce events at Outpost.


OUTPOST 186 is also available for meetings, readings, workshops, film shoots, theatre rehearsals, & other (non-musical) weekday daytime events.


Outpost regularly exhibits visual art! If you are an artist and would like to exhibit @ Outpost, please send your website url to, or arrange to show your portfolio. Outpost does not charge artists to display art.

ARIA TUDANGER - paintings and graphic works 
Aritst Reception: Saturday 15 November, 2pm - refreshments

Saturday 1 November @ Outpost, 8pm $5/10

Chagall Performance Art Collaborative Presents

Piazzolla and more with marimbist Sharon Chen


Jon Amon – sax / Dennis Shafer – sax and Soundpainter / Diana Norma – poetry / Sharon Chen – marimba / Kim Amon – voice 

These evenings adventures feature transcriptions and original works with marimba, including composers Piazzolla, Elgar, and Bach. Other works and improvisations with poetry and multimedia, from the illustrious ChagallPAC team.

Sunday 2 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

gabriela martina & giuseppe paradiso presents

In Momentum Series                   

1.        Tino D’Agostino - elec.bass + Sergio Bellotti - drums

2.        Jorrit Dijkstra - Alto Sax  + Anastasiya Dumma - guitar

3.       Andres Fonseca - percussion + Nicolas Castañeda - harp

4.       Giuseppe Paradiso - drums + Gabriela Martina - voice

Experience improvisation  through the performance of an eclectic  and highly talented array of artists in its purest form, with no other rules than being in the moment.

In Momentum Series (IMS) is led by Swiss vocalist Gabriela Martina and Italian drummer Giuseppe Paradiso. IMS was created as an opportunity for musicians to focus on creativity and development of their own natural musical voice and language, without any compromise. The series is based on free improvisation and extemporaneous compositions. In a constantly growing community, different musicians from different cultures and backgrounds, break boundaries to create on the spot, in a very inspiring and supportive environment. In a society, where musicians are often influenced in their creative process by external factors such as the music business/industry, music education, music categorization etc., the purpose of this series is to create an environment to enhance freedom of creativity through improvisation. Deconstructing forms, musical ‘rules’ and genres, lead us back to the passion of making music as genuinely as a child at his/her first approach with the instrument.

Monday 3 November @ Outpost, 8pm $5

marjy bangs presents  Classic Paranoid Cinema 1st Mondays

“The Stranger” (1946) 94 minutes

This Academy Award-Nominated (Best Writing, Original Story) thriller follows Franz Kindler (Academy Award Winner Orson Welles, Citizen Kane), a Nazi fugitive hiding out as a professor in a small Connecticut town. When his new wife (Academy Award Winner Loretta Young, The Bishop's Wife) begins to suspect his past, a detective (Academy Award Winner, Edward G. Robinson, Double Indemnity) sets out to uncover his identity. From Academy Award Winning Producer Sam Spiegel (Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge On The River Kwai, On The Waterfront)

Thursday 6 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

rob chalfen & subconsciouscafe productions presents
Naked Roots Conducive

Natalia Steinbach - violin, voice, songs
Valerie Kuehne - cello, voice, songs

+Robert Rivera  - solo cello (opening set)

The roots are deities and the deities are roots. They are naked. They are birth and rebirth. They embody the sacred moment

Naked Roots Conducive is the much anticipated collaboration between violinist Natalia Steinbach and cellist Valerie Kuehne, as well as a phrase uttered by Ms. Steinbach in her sleep. A classical swan song thickened by vocal harmonies and aesthetic disillusionment, Naked Roots Conducive fuses Performance Art with hungry Post-Romanticism and Acoustic Noise.

There is also the truth of The Cult of Professional Madness.

Friday 7 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

"First Fridays avec Le Prestige":

Le Prestige

Chris Forkey - bass / John Glenshaw - drums / Kit Buckley - tenor sax / Scott Getchell - trumpet / Gary Wallen - vibes

Hard-hitting, chill-out, groove music. Searching for the perfect lounge.

Saturday 8 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Dr T presents Light Into Motion featuring

Dr T – live video mixing with:

Doctor  T  -  video and movement

Tim Mungenast  --- guitar and electronics
Eric Dahlman  -- trumpet and voice

Karen Klein -- poetry and movement

Eric Crawley -- harpejji and electroncis

Sunday 9 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Aaron Darrell presents Recreation Night

Pandelis Karayorgis - piano

Aaron Darrell - bass

Tom Wandell - piano

Brian Price - woodwinds


Dylan Coleman - bass

Eric Hofbauer - guitar

Curt Newton - drums

Andy Dow - electric bass

Recreation Night is a monthly performance event in which two sets of improvised music take place. The second Sunday of each month, Aaron Darrell and Andy Dow select a group of musicians to perform two sets of improvised music. The music is an exploration of improvisation. No rehearsals or material is predetermined, making each performance a fresh, interpretive creation of the individuals participating that night. The instrumentation and and pairings vary greatly and always make for a unique and original experience. 

Tuesday 11 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o


Martina Liviero - voice / Pablo Passini – guitar

 we will be performing Argentinean and Brazilian music, among with our own compositions.


Karl Marino - nylon guitar


Benjamin Furman – piano / Jacinta Clusellas - guitar, voice

original music. 

Wednesday 12 November @ Outpost, $10 students/seniors, $12-15 sliding scale all others
notloB Music presents
Nate Sabat and Elise Bouer/Sumaia Jackson and Friends
Thursday 13 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Luther Gray Trio

Luther Gray – drums / Jim Hobbs – alto sax / Allan Chase – alto also

Friday 14 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

The Brett Walberg Group

Brett Walberg – woodwinds / Mark Zaleski – bass / Jungho Kang - drums 

Brett Walberg group will be exploring the subtle information provided by standards as a way to recapitulate original compositions.

Saturday 15 November @ Outpost, 2-4pm, refreshments, free

artist reception & show opening -

Aria Tudanger - paintings and graphic works

Saturday 15 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

The Flametet

Mike Conner – drums / Pandelis Karayorgis – piano / Jeff Platz – guitar / Todd Brunel – bass clarinet / Charlie Kohlhase – baritone sax / Kit demos - bass
Sunday 16 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

gabriela martina & giuseppe paradiso presents

In Momentum Series                   

- Inna Dudukina - voice + TBA
- Jorge Perez Albela – percussion + Sissy Castrogiovanni - voice
- Milena Jancuric – flute + Gaia Wilmer – sax + Jacob Matheus - guitar
- Elinor Speirs – violin + Gabriela Martina - voice

Monday 17 November @ Outpost, 8:30pm $10 or b/o

Mitch Hampton – solo piano (cd release)
Pianist/composer Mitch Hampton plays some 'Hard Listening music" from his new album Hard Listening, plus some brand new music

Tuesday 18 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Milena Jancuric - flute

Gaia Petrelli Wilmer - saxophone

Gustavo D'Amico - saxophone

Tomoko Ozawa - piano

Jacob Matheus - guitar

Rob Taylor - bass

Dor Herskovitz - drums

Wednesday 19 October @ Outpost, 7 – 9pm Free

The New England Translators Association presents

The Translator’s Voice, a series of readings

Terry Gallagher : “Japanese book” is a disguise

It was little more than 150 years ago that Japan reopened to the West, and while renowned for its own unique style, Japan also has a pronounced reputation for what is now termed “cultural appropriation.”

Self-Reference Engine – the first book by Toh EnJoe, a Ph.D. physicist who won Japan’s prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 2012—is packed with allusions from what seems to be all nations, in all centuries, from Plato to Flatland to the Singularity. This is not really a Japanese book. It is a work of world literature that happens to have been written in Japanese.

In an interview with the journal Asymptote, EnJoe said, “my writings naturally tend to resemble translations.” While most people would not hesitate to identify Self-Reference Engine as a Japanese book, the first reaction of many Japanese is akin to: “What language is that? It’s not Japanese.”

EnJoe has made the career transition from scientist to writer. Self-Reference Engine is an exploration of quantum mechanics in the idiom of pulp fiction with literary aspirations. 20th-century physics is still difficult for laymen to grok, and few authors have attempted to make this pill easier to swallow. In this book, one of the many questions EnJoe asks is, “What if computers took control of space-time—and broke it?”

About Terry Gallagher

From his home on Cape Cod, Terry Gallagher has been a freelance translator for over a decade. His work is mainly reports for investment banks, and he also translated the Bank of Japan’s definitive tome on its operations. Since the demise of Lehman Brothers, he has diversified into legal translation. But he also translates “fun stuff.” This year, his translation of Self-Reference Engine by Akutagawa Prize winner Toh Enjoe won a Philip K. Dick Award Special Citation. Other projects in a lighter vein include Be With You by Takuji Ichikawa, the manga edition of the same title, and short stories (The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada, ZOO by Otsuichi, and contributions to the anthologies Monkey Brain Sushi, Monkey Business Vol. 4, the Penguin Book of Erotic Stories by Women, Speculative Japan 2, and The Future is Japanese). Before turning to translation, he spent 15 years as a financial journalist for Reuters and Dow Jones in Tokyo, Bonn, and New York. Originally from Brooklyn, he graduated from Brown University.

All Translator's Voice readings are approved for 2 ATA Continuing Education credits

For more information write to Ken at or call 617-868-8070

Thursday 20 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Charlie Kolhase Explorer’s Club

Charlie Kolhase -  alto, tenor & baritone saxes / Daniel Rosenthal – trumpet / Jeff Galindo – trombone / Josiah Reibstein – tuba / Eric Hofbauer – guitar / Aaron Darrell – bass / Curt Newton - drums

Friday 21 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Brian Friedland/Allan Chase

Brian Friedland - piano

Allan Chase - saxophones

+Daniel Rosenthal Quartet

Allan Chase - alto saxophone

Daniel Rosenthal - trumpet, flugelhorn

Jef Charland - bass

Luther Gray - drums

Playing original compositions and a few by Monk.

Saturday 22 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o


Pedro Malaver - drums / Mark Chenevert – clarinet, sax

embarking on a musical journey through many genres , stream of consciousness style , hitting a lot of  “iconic” cultural landmarks along the way . " Free jazz for people that don't like jazz "

Thursday 23 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Andrew Dow Ensemble

Andrew Dow - electric bass/compositions

Rafael Aguilar - alto sax

Dan Searl - nylon string guitar

Luke Marantz - piano

Yuriana Sobrino - drums

Aaron Darrell - voice/acoustic bass

Song Yi Jeon - voice


Interior #9

David Doms – keyboard, laptop, electronics
Jeff Song – bass guitar, cello, electronics

Curt Newton – drums and percussion

Monday 24 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Dave Bryant Group

Dave Bryant - keyboards

Neil Leonard - saxophones

Jeff Song - cello

Eric Rosenthal - drums

Tuesday 25 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Steve Lantner Quartet

Allan Chase - saxophones

Steve Lantner - piano

Joe Morris - bass

Luther Gray - drums

Friday 28 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

James Merenda & Tickle Juice

James Merenda - alto saxophone / Tom Duprey – cornet / David Hawthorne – guitar / Vanessa Morris – piano / Jon Dreyer – bass / Miki Matsuki - drums

Saturday 29 November @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

"The Voice of Acoustic Guitar" with

Tomas Latorre & Rinat Tregerman

Bassist and composer Tomas Latorre will presents his fusion of Argentine folklore with modern sounds in an intimate setting with many guests to showcase the different ways acoustic guitar can be manifested.

Tomas Latorre - bass
Andres Fonseca - percussion

Vasilis Kostas - lauto

Josh Plotner  - flute

Meitar Forkosh – violin

Pianist and composer Rinat Tregerman from Israel will be showcasing her original compositions with her new trio, very jazz inclined with lots of improvisation

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