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OUTPOST 186 Concert & Event Schedule, April 2011

MATTHEW SHIPP - Sunday 8 May


Saturday 2 April @ Outpost 8pm $5/10

7PM Soundpainting Workshop
Chagall Performance Art Collaborative Presents

DUEL by Claudio Gabriele and Soundpainting duel with Video Artist Dr. T

Chagall PAC continues to work on themes with Soundpainting and poetry Below The Surface by Diana Norma. Stay tuned for more special guests at !

Emile "Dr. T" Tobenfeld, video art
Jon Amon, saxophone
Dennis Shafer, saxophone
Diana Norma, poetry
Pamela Marshall, French Horn
…and many more!

Sunday 3 April @ Outpost, 1-3pm, $5 donation

The Changing Context of Improvisation:
Unplayable Instruments, Disaster Management and the Safe Handling of Dry Ice

A workshop with Mark Soden of Phog Masheen

Phog Masheen (from Los Angeles) investigates noise as post-millenial folk music, unusual uses of resonant chambers, and sound as an object that can be stretched, inverted, and manipulated like sculpture. In this discussion/hands-on workshop, explore topics such as:

· The vuvuzela: was the 2010 World Cup a defining public noise performance or an act of audio terrorism?
· Voted Off the Island: the rise of reality television and its effect on the perception of improvisation.
· Dwellers of the Land that Time Forgot: drum circle, sweat lodge, the trance dehydration vortex.
· The rise of dissonance: cognitive, auditory, economic and political. If noise is the soundtrack of our times, what of the future?
· Loosening the lug nuts on the wheels of orchestration.
· Is the audience part of the performance?
· High Art vs. roadside attraction: some thoughts on community action.

Sunday 3 April @ Outpost, 7pm $5 or b/o

Depraved Dave's Cave Films presents
7PM - GENOCIDE:WAR OF THE INSECTS: insane insect horror from the people who gave you GOKE BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL(coming April 10)!

8:30PM - CENTIPEDE HORROR: courtesy of occult forces,those critters turn up everywhere!

a serpentine sickie that makes SNAKES ON A PLANE seem like a dreary in-flight movie!

Monday 4 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

The Steve Adams/Ken Filiano Duo

Steve Adams - woodwinds / Ken Filiano - bass

Steve and Ken have been playing together since meeting in Boston in the late '70s. They have put out three recordings over the years, the most recent being The Other Side of This on Clean Feed. Steve is best known as a member of the Rova Sax Quartet, has worked with John Zorn, Sam Rivers, Steve Lacy, Fred Frith and many others, and is returning to Boston for the 30th anniversary concert of Your Neighborhood Sax Quartet. Ken has worked with a host of the most creative musicians around, including Vinny Golia, Bobby Bradford, Anthony Braxton, Warne Marsh and Nels Cline.

"The duo's incisiveness cuts to the bone. Their rapport is most genuine, their artistry comprehensive; this is a first-class performance." ~ Chris Kelsey, All Music Guide

DANIEL CARTER & JEFF PLATZ Friday 8 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Jeff Platz' Mile High Club
Jeff Platz - guitar / Daniel Carter - saxes, trumpet / Laurence Cook - drums / Jeff Charland - bass

Saturday 9 April @ Outpost, 8pm

Jacob William 'Case Studies' 4tet
Charlie Kohlhase - saxes / Andy McWain - piano / Jacob William - bass / Luther Gray - drums

Sunday 10 April @ Outpost, 7pm $5 or b/o
Depraved Dave's Cave Films presents


7PM - CALTIKI THE IMMORTAL MONSTER: a great and very gruesome B&W blob monster epic courtesy of Italian horror film legends
Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava,NOW IN WIDESCREEN!

8:30PM -THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN: a gooey,gorey and acutely nihilistic 70s slime epic!

10PM - GOKE BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL: actually he's a hell raising blob monster from space who slithers in and out of a cross selection of humanity at it's worst!

Monday 11 April @ Outpost, 8pm
a night of singer-songwriters with

Kate Lee & the Opposites Attract
+ACLU Benefit
+Cal Folger Day

As a founding member of the Whitehaus Family arts collective, label and venue, Kate has been a serious influence on that community for the past 4 years. She recorded a solo tape, "Whatever Whatever," in 2008. People listened to it on their Walkmen and enjoyed it. Since then, Kate has focused on creating music for her duo folk project, "Gracious Calamity," and her big-band experiential sound-sculpture + movement-”jazz” band, "Peace, Loving." She spent 5 months of 2010 on the road with Peace, Loving. This spring is the first time she has performed solo for 3 years and she likes it so far.

ACLU Benefit is the solo project of Noah Britton, singer and guitarist for The Best Thing Ever. "Endlessly wry... His songs fit squarely in the anti-folk terrain of sparse melodies assembled as excuses for minor monologues, but he's also got this baritone ribbit of a voice that inevitably recalls Stephin Merritt—an unavoidable reference considering that Britton's also very fond of understated punchlines." - Village Voice.

"Generifus is the main musical project of songwriter Spencer Sult. Generifus began performing in 2005. When he was seventeen, Sult began self-releasing music and booking west coast tours. Since then, Sult has recorded with Karl Blau and LAKE, who in turn, have also contributed to live performances and Generifus albums. Sult has lived his entire life in Washington state and currently calls Olympia home. His songs reflect the beauty found in nature and life in the Pacific Northwest, and he has taken those songs on tour all over the United States and into Japan."


Cal Folger Day was born and partly raised in our great nation's capital city. Now, in garretts and barrooms, she strums, whacks, hoots and hollers for congregations of customers most nights of the week. She'll release her first E.P. and tour the East Coast in March.

"the real thing, straight down the line from Sister Rosetta Tharpe, June Carter, and Memphis Minnie...breaking our hearts and making them sing is no mean feat. A wonderful voice, hot chick, fast mama." (Matt Sage, Catweazle U.K.)

Wednesday 13 April @ Outpost, 8pm

Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakers
+ All of Us

Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakers is an ongoing studio project, often with secret contributors, that's been running for umpteen years & has unleashed both mangled bedroom pop and super extreme avant garde recordings. In 2010 it finally began morphing into a live act, though appearances are still rare. Electronics, grunting, ukulele ditties, unfunny jokes, terrifying blubbering noises, impressions of chinese opera singers, and awkward silences all come together to make audience members as nauseatingly uncomfortable as if they were watching live birth footage. The main brain behind Peggy is also the proprietor of a record store that specializes in unusual & esoteric musics, Angela Sawyer.

All of Us was formed by saxophonist Kelly Roberge in 2010. Performing several midi instruments and character sketches, Roberge takes on the roles of a four member band which performs sax heavy compositions ranging from jazz to metal. Merging Roberge’s love of music and improv comedy, the characters interact as real life people living ordinary lives in their respective communities.

Thursday 14 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
luther gray presents
Aaron Gelb - bass clarinet / Steve Lantner - piano / Joe Morris - bass / Geni Skendo - flutes / Luther Gray - drums

Saturday 16 April @ Outpost 8pm

green umbrella presents
Luminous Flux
Brian Groder (NYC) - trumpet / Albey Balgochian (NYC) (Cecil Taylor)- bass / Jane Balgochian (NYC) spoken-word artist /
Junko Simons - cello / Laurence Cook - drums

Luminous Flux

Falling between and concisely on through the translucent spaces of instrumental music and spoken word.

Brian Groder

“Groder speaks jazz as if it were his mother tongue, but that also means that he does not leave it as he found it.” -ImproJazz, France

This composer/trumpeter’s music is not limited to a single tradition; he draws on the entire rich history of music. His unique approach to jazz was the subject of a Downbeat profile (March 2010), a “Best Of” category in

All About Jazz for the 2010 CD release with Burton Greene and again in

2007 for a CD with Sam Rivers.

Albey Balgochian

"He’s all over the music like a man with the most vibrant lust for life." Nic Jones - All about Jazz

Working the NYC downtown scene, he joined Cecil Taylor’s Trio and Big Band in 2004 (best performances of 2009 -The Cecil Taylor Trio - All About Jazz.) As a band leader and sideman, he currently composes and produces music for a variety of projects including multi-media events with dancers, artists and poets, as well as a creative music show on Manhattan Cable TV.

Jane Grenier B.

"You scare & inspire me!" Steve Dalachinsky, PEN Award Winning nyc poet.

Psychedelic Poet Jane Grenier B. has emerged on the scene in 2010 to standing ovations at the Bowery Poetry Club, Blue Stockings Book Store, The Stone NYC.

Laurence Cook

Described as the “drumming power behind creative music ensembles”, Cook has worked with the shinning leaders of free improvised music, appearing on numerous classic albums with Alan Silva, Paul Bley, Bill Dixon, Jamell Moondoc, Thurston Moore, Sabir Mateen and Albey Balgochian.

Junko Fujiwara Simons

Boston’s own creative improvising cellist is actively engaged in some of the area’s most cutting edge new music and classical ensembles, including Lance Bryant’s Lyricalia Quintet, the classical Kalliope Piano Trio, the microtonal-acoustic Metal & Glass Ensemble and Butch Morris’s Conduction Series. Ms Simons also holds adjunct faculty positions with Boston College, Ipswitch Public Schools and Phillips Academy Andover. Junko can be heard on Joe Morris’ 2010 CD release, “Camera”(ESP 4063).

Sunday 17 April @ Outpost, 8pm
Dr T presents Visual Music Live featuring
Duets Plus with
Forbes Graham & Company
Forbes Graham - trumpet / Tom Plsek - trombone / Gordon Marshall - poet

Doctor T
Emile Tobenfeld (Doctor T) has been doing improvised projections to music since 1974 -- always with the goal of creating Visual Music, a music that combines imagery and sound. His projections are produced by mixing multiple DVD sources with a video mixer and effects processor. The sources consist of computer-manipulated original material derived from his still photography and videography. The original subject matter is usually recognizable, but sometimes processed to complete abstraction. The projections and music respond sometimes directly to each other -- at other times they simply co-exist.

His videos (including some recordings made at Outpost 186) can be viewed here. A photo essay of images taken at Outpost 86 can be viewed here

Monday 18 April @ Outpost, 8pm

"Sons of Daughters"
Patrick Breiner - tenor sax / Aaron Darrell - double bass / Devin Drobka - drums

Sons Of Daughters was born through an unlikely union. Having heard for months of young guns Aaron Darrell and Devin Drobka, Patrick Breiner traveled from his home in Madison, WI to Milwaukee in May of 2010 for a one nighter at the Jazz Estate. He showed up a half hour late and the band was already knee deep in an epic performance of "Autumn Leaves". Breiner stepped on stage to take a solo before the rest of the band even realized he had shown up. He didn't meet the bass player and drummer until the set break.

Soon after, Aaron moved to Boston to complete a degree at Berklee College of Music and Devin moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a failed actor turned singing waiter on roller skates in midtown (done, aaaaand done). Patrick stayed put in Madison, Wisconsin where he continues to undermine the lounge jazz scene one gig at a time.

This trio of brilliant young improvisers plays incendiary originals and reaches deep into the pantheon of jazz classics in order to deliver telepathy-laced shang-a-lang that transcends its geographical limitations.

Tuesday 19 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Living Room Music concert series presents
Jeremy Quick - guitar / Tony Leva - bass / Ben Dicke - drums / Michael Dobiel - sax & electronics

C Living Room Music is organized by Michael Dobiel, a saxophonist, composer and teacher in the Boston area. It takes place on the third Tuesday of every month at Outpost 186.

The musicians in this concert have played together in other situations. However, this is their first show in this quartet configuration. The evening will consist of two sets. For the first the players will improvise in a variety of duo and trio configurations. The second will feature the complete quartet.

Jeremy Quick Performs as a guitarist throughout the New England area with diverse local talents. His teachers have included Mick Goodrick, Adam Rogers, Jon Damien, Charlie Banacos, Garry Dial, Julian Lage, and John Wilkins. He has shared the stage with many well known musicians in the Boston area including Bob Gullotti, Phil Grenadier, Josh Rosen, Peter Cassino, and Dave Fox.

Tony Leva
Is a recent transplant to the Boston area. He is a continual musical explorer whose interests range from classical to rock to avant-garde. Tony performs regularly with several groups, including Jaggery, Bury Me Standing, and the Metal and Glass Ensemble. One of his most notable learning experiences occurred when he spent time driving for the legendary bassist Henry Grimes.

Ben Dicke is a drummer and educator in the Boston area, originally from Trenton, NJ. At age eleven, he began to teach himself to drum and has played in bands ever since. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, his teachers have included Joe Falcey (a great player and a personal hero) Jon Hazilla, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Ian Froman.

Michael Dobiel is a musician in the Boston area. Before becoming active in Boston he studied at the University of Louisville and Westfield State College. He is currently involved in several projects as saxophonist, composer and laptop musician. Michael is one half of Saxophone in Machines with Kelly Roberge. He has recently started the Living Room Music series at Outpost 186 in Cambridge.

Thursday 21 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Ted Roland - tenor, baritone sax, bass clarinet / Paul Dilley - bass / Rob Rudin - drums
Original compositions predominate this set by the emerging trio. A little bit inside,a little bit outside, a little bit upside down. Some solo bass clarinet too.

Friday 22 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Dave Bryant - piano / Jeff Song - cello / Curt Newton - drums

Saturday 23 April @ Outpost, 3pm
Unaffiliated reading series presents:
Catherine Meng + Joel Sloman

Catherine Meng is the author of the poetry collection Tonight’s the Night (Apostrophe Books) and three chapbooks, 15 Poems in Sets of 5 (Anchorite Press), Dokument (Perichord Press), and Lost Notebook w/ Letters to Deer (Dusie Kollectiv). She currently resides in Berkeley and works at a restaurant. Along with Lauren Levin and Jared Stanley she co-edits the poetry journal Mrs. Maybe.
Joel Sloman was born in Brooklyn in 1943 and grew up there. In 1966, he became the assistant director of The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery, under its then director, Joel Oppenheimer, and edited its journal, The World. He is the author of Virgil’s Machines, Bus Poems, Stops, and Cuban Journal. His most recent publication is a chapbook, Off the Beaten Trakl.

Saturday 23 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Steve Lantner - piano / Joe Morris - bass / Luther Gray - drums

Sunday 24 April @ Outpost, 7pm $5 or b/o
Depraved Dave's Cave Films presents


Chuck Connors was a Boston Celtic, TV's THE RIFLEMAN and an ardent Republican who also appeared in the some of the most bizarre and ultra-violent films ever made! See 3 of his least known and most outrageous films!

an infamous spaghetti western slaughterfest!

8:30PM - THE MAD BOMBER: Chuck has the title role in this fully uncut print packed with blood,gore,topless scenes and full frontal nudity! Co-starring Neville Brand as an unrepentant rapist and Vince Edwards as the thoroughly hateful "Psycho Cop"!

10PM - 99 AND 44/100% DEAD:
Chuck steals the show as cyborg mob enforcer Marvin "The Claw" Zuckerman in director
John Frankenheimer's violence filled,pop-art influenced black comedy!

SPECIAL NOTE: In 1975 Chuck hosted a brief infomercial entitled REPUBLICANS ARE PEOPLE TOO. The first person to arrive with a VHS or DVD copy to screen for us this evening will gain FREE ADMISSION!

Thursday 28 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Andy Voelker - saxes / Jim Hobbs - alto sax / Jef Charland - bass / Luther Gray - drums / Steve Fell - guitar

Friday 29 April @ Outpost, 8pm
Jon Damian - guitar and rubbertellie / Allan Chase - saxes / Bob Nieske - bass

This exciting trio delivers an array of Jon Damian’s original music inspired by people and places, tradition, and avant visions of new possibilities. Jon’s Rubbertellie, his invention, along with his refreshing approach to the guitar will add a special touch to the concert. He will be joined by a stellar cast of players; Allan Chase, saxophonist, and chair of the ear-training department at The Berklee College of Music, and Bob Nieske, bassist and long-time member of Jimmy Giuffre’s band and Brandeis professor.

Jon Damian is an active international performer, composer, lecturer, clinician and author as well as a professor at The Berklee College of Music. His varied performances have ranged from Luciano Pavarotti to Bill Frisell and from the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa to Johnny Cash with the Boston Pops under John Williams. Jon Damian has recorded in a wide range of settings including The Boston Pops Orchestra under Keith Lockhart and John Williams, Bill Frisell, Bob Nieske’s Wolf Soup, The Boston Symphony Orchestra under Seiji Ozawa, Collage, and for NOVA. Jon has recently returned from the Umbrian Jazz Festival in Italy, performing and conducting workshops. He is the author of The Guitarists Guide to Composing and Improvising and The Chord Factory: Build Your Own Guitar Chord Dictionary available through Berklee Press and Hal Leonard Publications.

“…the most experienced and admired guitar teacher I know” Jim Hall

“ Jon is one of the few musicians I know who has found his own unique voice and the courage to stay true to it. He continues to be an inspiration and example. Bill Frisell

“….a very special musician” Mike Stern

“….and the rhythm guitar part was handled beautifully by Jon Damian” Keith Lockhart

Allan Chase is a jazz saxophonist and educator. He chairs the Berklee Ear Training department and appears as a soloist on over forty CDs, and LPs and movie soundtracks. He has been a member of Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet since 1981, and plays regularly with his own trio and quartet and with bands led by Steve Lantner, Bruno RÃ¥berg, Bob Nieske, Ayn Inserto, and others. Allan has also played and recorded with Rashied Ali and Prima Materia from 1992 to 2000.

Bob Nieske was the bassist with the Jimmy Giuffre 4 from 1979-1992 and appears on Jimmy’s three Soul Note recordings. Bob has also recorded with Alan Dawson, Dave Grisman, Stephane Grappelli, George Russell and the Living Time Orchestra, Bevan Manson, Jay Geils, Duke Robillard, The Either Orchestra and Herb Pomeroy and has performed with Charlie Byrd, Eartha Kitt, Attila Zoller, Ronnie Earl, Tiger Okoshi, Dakota Stayton, John Blake, Jackie and Roy, Richie Cole, and Larry Coryell. In 1991 Bob was nominated for outstanding bassist by the Boston music awards and in 1994 he won the Jazz Composers Alliance composition contest. Bob’s compositions have been performed around the world by his own groups, The Either Orchestra and Jimmy Giuffre 4. Bob is currently Jazz Artist-in-Residence at Brandeis University and on the faculty of New England Conservatory.

“He really does something different” Jimmy Giuffre

Saturday 30 April @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Michael Shores - guitar / Angela Mark - flute, percussion / Paul Normandia - drums
+Psychoactive slideshow by John Engstrom & Sharkart Studios

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