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OUTPOST186 Concert & Event Schedule, May 2010

G. CALVIN WESTON - Monday 31 May

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Ages


Saturday 1 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Steve Lantner Quartet
Alan Chase - alto / Steve Lantner - piano / Joe Morris – bass / Luther Gray – drums

Sunday 2 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Glynis Lomon - cello / Syd Smart - drums / Steve Haynes - trumpet / Eric Zinman - piano

Monday 3 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
depraved dave's back alley cinema presents

4 of the most shocking and outrageous B&W horror and sci-fi films ever made....and not one of them is officially available on DVD to this day!

7:00PM - ISLAND OF LOST SOULS- easily the best(and most intense) adaptation of H.G. Wells' THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU to this day! Banned in Britain for promoting perversions of nature!

8:10 - THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS - an amphibious monster
on a gory rampage in a coastal town,courtesy of Universal Monsters makeup master Jack Pierce!

- classic 1950s alien invasion s.f., directed by Roger Corman and starring Peter Graves,Beverly Garland, Lee Van Cleef,and an amazing monstrosity designed and operated by the great Paul Blaisdell."IT" was the basis for a Frank Zappa song and the 16mm cult "classic" ZONTAR THE THING FROM VENUS!

10:30PM - CALTIKI THE IMMORTAL MONSTER - a gruesome great from Italian horror masters Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava!

Tuesday 4 May @ Outpost, 8pm $5/10
hosted by
Julee Avallone - flute
Garrison Fewell - guitar


Wednesday 5 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

TickleJuice featuring James Merenda
James Merenda - alto saxophone/keys/melodica / Tom Duprey- cornet / John Turner - electric bass / Eric Byers - guitar / Jef Charland - guitar / Miki Matsuki - drums
+ The Morris-Sandvik duo
Scott Sandvik - fretless & lap steel guitar / Vanessa Morris - voice
Improvisations on aural transcriptions of early African-American folk singing from the Deep South and Caribbean: hymns, spirituals, hollers, work songs, lullabies and children's game songs

Thursday 6 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
rough night presents
Looper Super Group
basically a bunch of musicians getting together and looping the heck out of acoustic and electronic equipment, getting into feedback, serialism, drone, and more. Performers include Jesse Kaminsky, Keiichi Hashimoto, Kelley Roberge, Michael Dobiel, Travis Nutting, and plenty others.


This “dream-team” of loop-artists includes James Coleman, a highly regarded electronic soloist known for his work with the Theremin, the rare electronic instrument created in 1928 and still notoriously difficult to master (Coleman’s Theremin was personally built for him by Robert Moog, creator of the eponymous synthesizer); Mike Dobiel, a Boston-based saxophonist and composer recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music,; Travis Nutting, an guitarist and artist at the School of the MFA; and members of the horn trio Cereal, with Jesse Kaminsky and Kelly Roberge on saxophones, and Keiichi Hashimoto on trumpet. Kaminsky, a visual artist, is host of the WMBR radio program The Intercontinental,, and Roberge was recently, glowingly, profiled in the Boston Phoenix with his other group, the Quartet of Happiness. Cereal, whose previous experience working together could help to serve as the show’s backbone, draws on the influence of jazz and folk music as well as drone and meditational practices to explore, in the group’s words, “the liminal states of sound.”

Friday 7 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
The Vortex Series for new and improvised music:
Birdsongs of the Mesazoic
The Legendary Birdsongs of the Mesazoic will perform original works and transformative improvisations incorporating live electronics.
Michael Bierylo - guitar, loops / Ken Field - sax, loops / Erik Lindgren - piano / Rick Scott - synth, loops, samples / Encanti - electronics, beats
+ Katt Hernandez & Steve Norton
Katt Hernandez - violin / Steve Norton - reeds
+ Film : 360 degrees of 60x60
60 works, 60 seconds long; to and from all around the world.
Curated by Robert Voisey, in collaboration with International Computer Music Conference

Saturday 8 May @ Outpost, 3pm $10 or b/o

small animal project reading series presents
Amina Cain, Jennifer Karmin, Anne Shaw

Amina Cain is the author of I Go To Some Hollow (Les Figues Press, 2009), a collection of stories that revolve quietly around human relationality, landscape, and emptiness, and a chapbook entitled Tramps Everywhere (Blanc Press, forthcoming). She is also a curator (most recently for When Does It or You Begin? Memory as Innovation, a month long festival of writing, performance, and video) and a current Visiting Lecturer at the University of California, San Diego, where she teaches creative writing/fiction. Her work has appeared in publications such as 3rd bed, Action Yes, Denver Quarterly, Dewclaw, La Petite Zine, onedit, Sidebrow, and Wreckage of Reason: Xxperimental Prose by Women Writers, and has been translated into Polish on MINIMALBOOKS. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and now lives in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Karmin’s text-sound epic, Aaaaaaaaaaalice, was published by Flim Forum Press in 2010. She curates the Red Rover Series and is co-founder of the public art group Anti Gravity Surprise. Her multidisciplinary projects have been presented at festivals, artist-run spaces, community centers, and on city streets across the U.S., Japan, and Kenya. A proud member of the Dusie Kollektiv, she is the author of the Duise chapbook Evacuated: Disembodying Katrina. Walking Poem, a collaborative street project, is featured online at How2. At home in Chicago, Jennifer teaches creative writing to immigrants at Truman College and works as a Poet-in-Residence for the public schools.

Anne Shaw is the author of Undertow (Persea Books), winner of the Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Drunken Boat, Green Mountains Review, and New American Writing. She has also been featured in Poetry Daily and From the Fishouse. Her extended poetry project can be found on Twitter.

Saturday 8 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Jack Callahan - experimental percussion
+Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul drums, bowed percussion, reeds, voice
+Asha - dark synth pop -

Sunday 9 May @ Outpost, 7pm $10 or b/o
Tom Hall & Session VII
Tom Hall - saxophones / Eric Hoffbauer - guitar / Curt Newton - drums

The Sessions is a series of performances hosted by saxophonist Tom Hall, brings creative musicians from any and all musical styles and genres together and turns them loose in a free improvisatory setting. For Session VII Tom invites guitarist Hofbauer and drummer Curt Newton to join him at The Outpost for an evening of trio improvisations.

Tom Hall (saxophones) has spent his life improvising all kinds of music, in groups such as Your Neighborhood Sax Quartet, Bob Neiske’s Wolf Soup, Bruce Katz Band, Club d’Elf and with people like John Medeski, D.J. Logic, Jon Damian, Matt Maneri, Tim Ray, Duke Levine, Curt Newton, Dave Bryant and Dave Tronzo.

Curt Newton (drums) has performed and recorded with Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, Nate McBride, Pandelis Karayorgis, Charlie Kohlhase, Soo-Jung Kae, and The Blue Ribbons. He also plays the chang-go, a Korean drum, in a contemporary improvised music duo with Jeff Song.

Tuesday 11 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Jack Pezanelli / Barry Smith
Jack Pezanelli - guitar / Barry Smith - bass

Thursday 13 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Luther Gray Trio
Allan Chase & Jim Hobbs - Saxophones / Luther Gray - drums

Friday 14 May @ Outpost
Ian Thal presents
Teatro Commedia featuring:
Jonathan Samson (Teatro Commedia del Siam, i Sebastiani)
& Ian Thal (i Sebastiani, Cosmic Spelunker Theater)

Samson & Thal present an evening of commedia dell'arte the masked, frequently subversive, often blasphemous, masked comedy of the Italian renaissance!
Samson is the founder of Teatro Commedia del Siam, the first commedia troupe in Thailand.
The evening will include Thal's Arlecchino Am Ravenous!

Saturday 15 May @ Outpost, 8pm, $10 or b/o
green umbrellas presents
Junko Simons & TBD
Junko Simons - cello / Vincent Monaco - trumpet / Nat Mugavero - drums

Sunday 16 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Dr T presents Visual Music Live with
Eric Crawley - harpejji and electronics
Forbes Graham - trumpet
Teresa Czepiel - movement
Doctor T - Video

Monday 17 MAY @ Outpost, 8pm $10
Master Class with Allan Chase
Allan Chase will lead a series of exercises in structured group improvisation emphasizing listening and interaction, endings and transitions, and solo, duet, and accompaniment. Bring your instruments!

Allan Chase
is Chair of the Ear Training department at Berklee, and a former Chair of the Jazz Studies & Improvisation and Contemporary Improvisation departments at NEC. He has recorded with Rashied Ali, Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, Joe Morris, Steve Lantner, and many others.

Tuesday 18 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Bryan Day presents
Seeded Plain
+Maria Chavez

+Amalgam Trio
Katt Hernandez - violin / Joe Burgio - movement / Walter Wright - video shred & synth

+We Love You
mike bullock - contrabass/electronics
polly hanson - drums/electronics
david gross - saxophone/turntable

Friday 21 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $5/10
Chagall Performance Art Collaborative
Finale Concert!
Don't miss the last concert of the Choose Your Own Adventure Series! Featuring cellist Seth Woods from New York City, and Infatuation with the Flame by Greg Ward. Choose from that and other solo, chamber, and poetic interludes for saxophone, cello, and more!

Seth Woods - cello / Dennis Shafer - saxophone / Diana Norma - poet / Jonathan Hurley - guitar / Rob Rudin - drums

Saturday 22 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Steve Lantner Quartet
Alan Chase - alto / Steve Lantner - piano / Joe Morris – bass / Luther Gray – drums

Tuesday 25 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Dave Bryant & Tom Hall
Dave Bryan - piano / Tom Hall - tenor sax

Wednesday 26 May @ Outpost, 8pm $8 or b/o

Dave Fox 4 in “Adventures in Trio”
Mark Zaleski - sax / Bruno Raberg - bass / Josh Rosen - piano, keys, special effects / Dave Fox - drums, percussion

This Wednesday (5/26), please join my quartet at Outpost 186 (Cambridge, MA) as we present an evening of adventures both "inside" standards and some "outside" sonic explorations as well. Joining me will be "adventure in sound" bandmates Josh Rosen on piano and Bruno Raberg on bass. We are thrilled to be having a very special guest, Mark Zaleski joining us on Saxophone as well

this promises to be a great night of music and and will be a LOT of fun as well!

Thanks to all of you for helping to keep the "adventue in sound" buzz growing and please continue to help us spead the word!

Thursday 27 May @ Outpost, 8pm, free

English poet Luke Roberts

UK poet Luke Roberts, editor of AXOLOTL Magazine and author of EGG HUNT TRIUMPH and HUMAN TERRAIN (Grasp Press). Copies of recent Property Press pamphlets and other hard-to-find chapbooks will be available for free. Refreshments served. Free admission.

Friday 28 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Jeff Platz presents
Jeff Platz - guitar / Kit Demos - bass / Junko Simons - cello / Luther Gray - drums

(note: this show formerly listed as on 15 May):
Saturday 29 May @ Outpost, 3pm
Unaffiliated Reading Series presents:
Dustin Williamson & Dorothea Lasky
Dustin Williamson is the author of Gorilla Dust, Cab Ass'n, among other books, and since 2004 has published authors under the Rust Buckle imprint. He brought out John Coletti's first perfect bound book Mum Halo in 2009. Dustin also curates the Monday Night Reading Series at The Poetry Project at St Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.

Dorothea Lasky is the author of Black Life (Wave Books, 2010) and AWE (Wave Books, 2007). She is also the author of the educational text, Poetry is Not a Project (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), and several chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, Paris Review, Boston Review, and Columbia Poetry Review, among other places. Currently, she lives in New York City and researches creativity at the University of Pennsylvania.

Saturday 29 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o

Derek Williams presents
with three of Boston's best young poets
Jade Sylvan, Derek JG Williams & James Caroline
plus refreshments and the musical stylings of
+ Zebrakon

Sunday 30 May @ Outpost, 8pm $3
depraved dave's back alley cinema presents
7PM - THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS - a often surreal amalgamation of cloak and dagger espionage and alien invasion s.f. with an appropriately colorful cast that includes Richard "Jaws" Kiel and George Macready. In addition to many horror and sci-fi gigs
Mr. Kiel found fame in 2 of the most outlandish sci-fi filled 007 films, while Mr.
Macready conducted more sci-fi conspiracies on THE OUTER LIMITS and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.!

Wild is the word for this perverse candy colored tinker-toy kitsch world! Back by popular demand!

10PM - GOKE BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL - actually he's a slime monster from space slithering in and out of hapless humans in this topical and terrifying Japanese horror from the sick 70s! In gorgeous color and widescreen with English subtitles!

Monday 31 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
subconsciouscafe presents
Ornette Coleman Prime Time drummer
G. Calvin Weston
G. Calvin Weston - drums / Ed Ricart - guitar / Dave Bryant - piano (Ornette’s Prime Time) / Tim Webb - bass


G Calvin Weston was born June 6, 1959 in Philadelphia, PA. He became interested in drums at the age of 6, when he (and his neighbors) discovered his talent for rhythm as he beat on every car on the block. He lived in North Philadelphia where he saw musicians like Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five and James Brown at the Uptown Theatre. Seeing his attention focused on the drummers, his Father bought him a small set. In high school Calvin learned to read music and played second snare in the drum ensemble. He co-founded the group Bad Influence which played in cabarets and clubs around Philadelphia. At 17, Calvin joined Ornette Coleman's Prime Time Band,with bass player jamalaadean tacuma.and charlie ellarbee,his close friend from Philly, which toured extensively in North America and Europe. After recording four albums with Prime Time, Calvin went on to play and record with guitarist James "Blood" Ulmer, until he joined John Luries Lounge Lizards in 1990. During the late 90s Calvin recorded and toured with Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood, Tricky, Eyvind Kang, Derek Baily, Mark Ribot, and James Carter. He also played on several movie soundtracks including "Get Shorty". For his latest project, Calvin Westons Big Tree, Calvin explores the many musical influences of his career as band leader and composer.He also has a new band with world guitarist,Vernon Reid and bass player,Jamalaadean tacuma and formed the group freeformfunkyfreqs and there new cd Urban Mythology Volume 1.

He also plays with JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY AND MELVIN GIBBS IN THE BAND CALLED GYPSYS RELOADED,THAT TOURED IN MARCH OF 2008,THAT RECORDED A LIVE CD AT THE BIMHUIS..G.Calvin Weston has played on many recording,the Asmodeus cd,with Marc Ribot and trevor Dunn,the music of JOHN Zorn..Book Of Angels Volume 7... Calvin Weston Discography Ornette Coleman - "Of Human Feelings" - Columbia Records 1979 James Blood Ulmer - "Are You Glad To Be In America?" -Artist House 1980 James Blood Ulmer - "Black Rock" - CBS 1982 James Blood Ulmer - "Free Lancing" - CBS 1981 George Adams / James Blood Ulmer Quarter - "Jazzbuhne Berlin '85" - Repertoire 1990 James Blook Ulmer / George Adams / Phalanx - "Got Something Good For You" - Moers Music 1986 Grant Calvin Weston - "Dance Romance" - In+Out 1995 Ornette Coleman - "In All Languages" - Acoustilog Studios 1987 Ornette Coleman & Prime Time - "Virgin Beauty" - 1988 James Blood Ulmer - "Black & Blues" - 1990 The James Blood Ulmer Blues Experience - "Blues Allnight" - In+Out 1990 John Lurie National Orchestra - "Men With Sticks" - 1993 Tricky - "Angels With Dirty Faces" - Island 1998 The Lounge Lizards - "Queen of All Ears" Eyvind Kang on Dying Ground Live at the Knitting Factory - 1997 Derek Baily / Jamaaladeen Tacuma / Calvin Weston -"Mirakle" - Orange Music 1999 John Lurie - "African Swim and Manny Lo" - 1999 James Carter - "Layin' In The Cut" - Atlantic 2000-Marc Ribot,Trevor dunn,G.Calvin Weston,Asmodeus Book of ANGELS VOLUME 7,Music of JOHN ZORN-2006-TZADIK MUSIC Vernon Reid,JamalaadeanTacuma-G .CALVIN WESTON.URBAN MYTHOLOGY VOLUME 1-THIRSTY EAR RECORDS-2007 JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY-=MELVIN GIBBS-G .CALVIN WESTON-GYPSYS RELOADED-LIVE AT THE BIMHUIS-AMSTERDAM-2008. Soundtracks Get Shorty - 1995 Excess Baggage - 1997 Blue In The Face - 1995 Clay Pigeons - 1998 Box of Moonlight - 1997

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