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OUTPOST186 Concert & Event Schedule, May 2009

Joe Morris by Jonathan Sindelman29 May, 8pm

Junko Simons29 May, 8pm

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Ages

OUTPOST wins Editor's Pick for BEST EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC VENUE in the Phoenix Best 2009!

OUTPOST featured in a short film, THE VENUE (april 2009)

20 March 2009 - Wednesdays are now open for rental, beginning April 2009.

19 August - Outpost just got a fabulous Yamaha U3 full-size upright piano! Come check it out!

OUTPOST DIRECTIONS: Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm doors unless otherwise noted.
General admission, suggested donation at door.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, alcohol please.

Gallery exhibits may be viewed during scheduled shows or by appointment.


OUTPOST is currently available as a rental @ $40 per event.
CONTACT: Rob Chalfen, director:
OUTPOST PRODUCER'S HANDBOOK - you must read this before you produce a show @ Outpost!
NOTE: You must be 21 to produce events at Outpost.


Hhere’s a nice review of the 24 Nov. 08 Scarecrow Mobius gig at the Outpost by Jon Garelick of the Boston Phoenix:

Outpost featured in Cambridge Chronicle, 19 June 2008:

John Voigt featured in Cambridge Chronicle, 14 July 2008

Nice write up on Outpost in the Glob, Sunday 27 Jan. 2008 Outpost is the 2nd item:

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BILL MARX/The Arts Fuse: Boston Foundation to Small Theatres - Drop Dead Please!

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Santiago Latorre
Friday, 1 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
rob chalfen & subconsciouscafe presents:
Órbita (Barcelona) with
Santiago Latorre

Santiago Latorre is a musician and sound engineer who lives and works in Barcelona.

At the age of 11 he began to play sax and a few years later, he started electronic engineering. These two parallel interests led to the development of his Sonification of the Human Genome, the project that marked the beginning of Santiago’s fascination with musical experimentation and new sounds.

He has composed music for dance, theatre, fashion and videoart including the contemporary dance piece PIEL, the play Radio-Patera and the video projects Fünf, On the terrace and Sobrevive, in collaboration with Ivonne Dippmann.

In 2005 he started working on his personal projects, searching for cyclical structures, surrounding melodies and subtle textures. He used layers of sax, accordion, piano, voice and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct the tracks. This work is now compiled in Órbita, his debut album (Accretions, November 08).

Santiago Latorre has performed in several festivals and clubs around Spain SONAR, LEM, La noche en blanco de Madrid, Festival de músicas de verano de Ponferrada, Heliogabal...) and has toured in south-east China, collaborating with Hong-Kong based artist Dickson Dee.

He is the house engineer at Grabaciones Silvestres, one of the leading recording studios in Spain.

about ÓRBITA:

is the debut release from Santiago Latorre, a Barcelona-based musician and sound engineer, who has crafted an elegant and delicate work. Latorre uses layers of sax, accordion, piano, voice and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct the pieces.

"Magical as a new world, subtle and delicate in every shade, melancholic and lively, Latorre can be considered a revelation." - All about jazz I Italia

"A mix of elegant jazz and gentle electrónica, Órbita is ostensibly inspired by the planets rotation and the unavoidable progress of time. […] A warm, optimistic hymn to experience." - Plan B, UK

According to the artist, Órbita is about turning and evolving, always the same journey but constantly changing, getting older, slowly dying. As a planet that goes around the sun, each track comes back to the same place a number of times. But everytime, something has happened, a year has passed.

For more info about the artist (and a video) please visit:

For more info about this release please visit:
Contact us at:

Production for subconsciouscafe by : Rob Chalfen -

Saturday, 2 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10
Bern Nix/Dave Bryant Quartet

Featuring former members of Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time

Dave Bryant - piano / Bern Nix - guitar / John Turner - bass / Eric Rosenthal - drums

“For years, keyboardist Bryant and guitarist Nix were cornerstones of Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time band. Check them out if you want to hear why the best of the jazz avant-garde is as focused as it is ferocious.”
Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix, 24 April 2009

@ Lilypad 1353 Cambridge St. Inman Square, Cambridge
Sunday, 3 May @ Lilypad, 9:30-11:45pm $10 all ages
subconsciouscafe productions presents
“David Maxwell’s OutTakes Unlimited”
Jim Hobbs - saxes / Forbes Graham - trumpet /Luther Gray - drums /Jacob William - bass / David Maxwell - piano, ethnic reeds, gongs

Thursday, 7 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Courtney Brown & Sidewalk Tzara --> experimental absurdity
+Area C
+Courtney Brown

Friday 8 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5/10
VORTEX series for new & improvised music presents:
The Vortex 4:

Todd Brunel - clarinets / Phil Neighbors - vibes / Tom Lubelczyk - bass / Jerome Deupree - drumset.

This band creates deeply hypnotic trance like music, experimental and previously advertised, "space music from the other
side of the universe..."

Saturday 9 May @ Outpost, 3pm - donation by jar
The Unaffiliated Reading Series presents

Peter Gizzi
Peter Gizzi was born in 1959 and grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He holds degrees from New York University, Brown University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. His books include The Outernationale (Wesleyan, 2007), Some Values of Landscape and Weather (2003), Artificial Heart (1998), and Periplum (1992). He has also published several limited-edition chapbooks, folios, and artist books. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into numerous languages.

David Larsen
David Larsen is the author most recently of Names of the Lion just out from Atticus/Finch and The Thorn (2005) from Faux Press. He lives in New Haven.

Friday, 9 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $10 or b/o

Forbes Graham presents
Forbes Graham - trumpet / Tim Albro - guitar /Josh Jefferson - multi-reeds

Insect Factory is the music of Silver Spring, MD guitarist Jeff Barsky. His playing creates thick waves of textured sound, building hypnotic and atmospheric drone fields.

Insect Factory live performances frequently incorporate additional instrumentation, and Barsky has also collaborated onstage with the likes of avant-trumpeter Forbes Graham (of Tzadik’s Kayo Dot), bass player Joe Lally (of Fugazi), and the DC improv collective Kohoutek, which combines elements of abstract noise, heavy rhythms, free jazz, and psychedelic rock.

Friday 15 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5/10
Sounds in Bloom & Chagall Performance Collaborative present

Come see this ephemeral, ethereal art event featuring sculptors, video art, poetry, and music. Stretch your imagination of what is a performance in this interactive show!

Sounds in Bloom:
Dennis Shafer:

Lola Danza
Saturday, 16 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $10 or b/o
rob chalfen & subconsciouscafe presents:
Lola Danza and Friends!
Lola Danza - Voice
Nat Mugavero - Drums
Eric Hofbauer - Guitar
Justin Purtil - bass


"Ms. Danza gives hope to the future of jazz." - Boston Herald

"Lola Danza is a part of a new breed of jazz singer writing original material and experimenting. And she has the chops to pull it off." - Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix

“With a stunning voice that elongates words and phrases with almost ethereal clarity, Danza follows her own muse stylistically, preferring the spare and airy to the busy and hot.” - Bob Young, Boston Herald

Lola’s interview on WGBH Boston’s, “Eric in the Evening” Jazz Show, February 25, 2009
Part I
Part II

Lola Danza
Exquisite, Unique, Extraordinary, Honest and Passionate are the ways to describe Lola Danza as a vocalist and composer. Ms. Danza’s music is innovative and the result is the creation of a new idiom in music. She infuses beautiful flowing melodies and creative improvised lines with effortless mastery.

With her four-octave range and vast array of vocal technique, Ms. Danza’s voice is rich, full and resonate. Lola’s music reveals a special connection to her soul that cultivates mutual inspiration between the musicians and enchants the audience.

Lola’s music and compositions encompass myriad musical styles that span the world: from Asia to Latin America and including the influences of classical, jazz, contemporary American, gypsy, folk, and Flamenco music.

Written with intensity and honesty, the songs are spiritual, her lyrics sheer poetry filled with insight that everyone can relate to and understand. The music evokes images of impressionistic and abstract paintings rich in texture and colour.

In 1997 Lola came to Berklee College of Music on scholarship, graduating with a bachelors degree in Vocal Jazz Performance in 2001. Lola has opened her own music school where she teaches and has been known to “Work Miracles”, said one student.

Ms. Danza has performed with world renown jazz artists such as Steve Kuhn, Sheila Jordan, Kevin Mahogany, Lewis Nash and Leni Stern.

Lola Danza; Recording Artist, Performer, Composer and Teacher.

Sunday 17 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $5/10
Charles Licata Ensemble
Tom Halter - trumpet / Charles Licata - sax / Mike Shea - piano / Larry Roland - bass / James Kamal Jones - drums

Wednesday, 20 May @ Outpost - 8pm $10 or b/o

Tyler Wilcox/Paul Neidhardt
Tyler Wilcox (Bellingham, WA) - soprano Sax
Paul Neidhardt (Baltimore) - percussion
Greg Kelley - soprano sax
Bhob Rainey - trumpet

Thursday, 21 May @ Outpost 8pm $10 or b/o
Dave Fox 4: “Adventures in Sound”
Phil Grenadier - trumpet / Josh Rosen - keys, effects / Bruno Raberg - bass / Dave Fox - drums

Friday 22 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $5/10

Sam Dickey Trio

Sam Dickey - Guitar
Aaron Darrell - Bass
Devin Drobka - Drums

Formed in 2008 in Boston and comprised of three long-time friends and like-minded musicians, the Sam Dickey Trio plays an innovative blend of Jazz, Rock, Malian Folk Music, Brazilian Samba and Capoeira, and Old-School Soul. Come for an evening of original compositions, deep grooves, and telepathic ensemble

Saturday 23 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $10 or b/o
Cabiria Jacobson Wants to Sing You a Song
Joined by Danny Padgett and Molly Wood on piano, Cabiria will sing songs by Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Edith Piaf, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, Reynaldo Hahn, Christopher Berg, and more. Cabiria draws on jazz, folk, and classical styles and memes, melding them together to form a deeply expressive, graceful, and inventive performance experience for her audiences.
Sunday 24 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
markus nechay presents
“The Whimsy!” Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic

Steve Lantner
Tuesday 26 May @ Outpost, 8pm $10 or b/o
Steve Lantner Quartet
Allan Chase – saxophones / Steve Lantner - piano
Joe Morris – bass / Luther Gray – drums

Thomas Helton
Wednesday, 27 May @ Outpost - 8pm $10 or b/o
subconsciouscafe & VORTEX present:
Thomas Helton
(Houston TX) microtonal bass
playing solo and with:
Todd Brunel - bass clarinet
Scott Dakota - fretless guitar
Trio Microcosmique:
Scott Dakota/Lainey Schulbaum/Rachel Jayson

Thomas Helton
For 15 years Thomas Helton has laid down basslines for jazz ensembles in Houston and around the US. He has deep-seated love and respect for jazz traditions, ingrained by instructors like Shelly Berg and Larry Slezak. In a tribute to Houston musicians, he compiled and published the first Houston Musician's Realbook. He has appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and has recorded with Joe LoCascio, Carol Morgan, Chris Connolly, Smitty, Kevin Patton, & Cindy Scott.

Thomas brings all of his passion and experience for jazz to the table when it comes to his other half, avant-garde music. Early in his jazz career, Thomas was inspired by the sounds of John Zorn and Peter Kowald to venture outside mainstream musical bounds. This journey began with the Rosta Jazz Avengers, a Houston-based quartet all about free improvisation and sonic exploration. Thomas quickly jumped into composition, beginning to develop a style that combines thematic composition with free improvisation, a sort of loosely controlled writing style showcasing his hand-selected performers.

Thomas has released three albums to date. "Good Robot" (2007) and "Experimentations in Minimalism" (2006) feature compositions for small ensemble. "Doublebass" (2003) is a collection of live, freely-improvised solo performances. Thomas also appears on the 2003 Norcal Noise Fest compilation CD, as well as the KUHF "The Front Row" 2006 compilation CD.

Todd Brunel
Todd Brunel is an innovative, critically acclaimed clarinetist who performs extensively as a crossover classical and jazz musician. In the world premiere event 'From Requiem to Renewal' at Boston College, clarinetist Todd Brunel and pianist Synthia Sture played with “Tremendous virtuosity and heart," The Boston Globe. He has premiered works by numerous composers including: George ‘Skip’ Brunner, Matthew D. Harder, Rick Sowash, Ara Sarkissian, Jose Louis Hurtado, Johnny Reinhard, Vuk Kulenovic, Arnesto Klar, Pamela Watson, and Vache Sharafyan. “The perfect control over the instruments allowed the soloists the subtle at times almost jocular transition through different styles and genres.” Musical Horizons Magazine.

As a jazz/improvisational performer and composer, he produces The Vortex Series for new and improvised music, a frequent jazz "pick of the week" in the Boston Phoenix and the Boston Globe. Among his hundreds of performances at clubs and social establishments, Brunel has played at the Montreal Jazz Festival, The Bowery Poetry club, The National Black Arts Festival, The International Woodwind Festival, Preservation Jazz Hall, Ryles, CBGB’s Gallery, The Boston Music Festival and the American Microtonal Festival under the direction of Johnny Reinhard. He is a founding member of Neon Juju, a literary music ensemble, the Lilli Lewis Project, The Rivera Brunel Method, the Circadian Rhythm Kings (2008 Innova Recordings) Musaner, The DNB Trio, the Black Dust Ensemble and the Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble. His work with conductor and composer Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris includes Conductions recorded in NYC and performances in Boston, with the New England Skyscraper. He collaborates frequently with the Jeff Robinson Trio and as a featured artist at Rob Chalfen's Subconscious Café with David Maxwell’s Ether Bandits and bassist John Voigt.

Trio Microcosmique (pronounced "tree-o mee-kro-kos-meek") presents live performance compositions and improvisations in Just Intonation and Microtonality

Vos amis le Trio:

~ Scott Dakota (The Moors, Valhalla Kittens, Producer) - wide range fretless guitar, loops and soundscapes

~ Lainey Schulbaum (The Steamy Bohemians, Calycadenia) - voice, loops and soundscapes

~ Rachel Jayson (Jaggery, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys) - viola, melodic and rhythmic fire

Don't be scared by the "microtonal" tag! The arid, astringent art thing is cool - don't get me wrong - but we're not about that. No frets or fixed pitches are present here, so from all possible notes we can choose to play the extra pretty and harmonically unified and interesting ones. Notes you don't ordinarily hear, new sounds! It's natural intonation, like a string quartet or a cappella vocal group. And for the math and history buffs among you, Just Intonation utilizes whole number frequency ratios in the style beloved of the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Vedics, and that Pythagoras dude, with some modern twists. Artsy this may be, but fun it will be as well. You know you are curious now.

Scott Dakota
Scott Dakota (The Moors, Valhalla Kittens, Producer of The Steamy Bohemians and others), fretless wide range guitar, microtonal and just intonated improvisations, live looping, and soundscapes.

Vic Rawlings
Thursday, 28 May @ Outpost - 8pm $5/10

Benny Nelson

+Vic Rawlings/Bryan Eubanks Electronics Duo
+Ouest (Brendan Murray / Howard Selzer / Jay Sullivan)

Ouest's music is full of warm, grainy textures and hazy static. Very little happens over the course of a Ouest performance; Stelzer has said that the goal of the project is to "create a sound that is devoid of human hands or specific gestures." To that end, various sonic elements (a gentle crackle, the murky outline of a melodic phrase) are often simply set in mesmerizing motion by the players and then left alone. Trust me, it's far, far more engaging in practice than it reads on paper.

Instrumentation is turntable, samplers, microphones, electronics, cassette tapes, various amplified objects, laptop computer, and similar stuff.

Joe Morris by Jonathan Sindelman
Friday 29 May @ Outpost - 8pm, $10 or b/o
green umbrellas presents
Junko Simons/Joe Morris Duo
Junko Simons - cello & Joe Morris - guitar

Junko Simons
Cellist Junko Fujiwara Simons is an active classical cellist and “creative musician”/ improviser. She has performed with Joe Morris, Allan Chase, Tom Plsek, Charlie Kohlhase, Jane Wang, and Jim Hobbs. Junko Simons has also participated in composer/conductor Lawrence 'Butch' Morris’s “Conduction©” series. She is also a member of the classical chamber groups Kalliope Piano Trio and the Palimpsest Ensemble. Junko Simons holds adjunct faculty positions at Boston College and Phillips Academy Andover, as well as teaching private students. Her work can be found on the Waterbug, Lucent Music, and Sonomu labels. She has a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, and a Bachelor of Music degree from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.

Saturday 30 May - 8pm $5/10
Alex Wan & The Cultural Fusion


VORTEX - 1st & 3rd Fridays, 8pm $5/10
Microtonal soundscapes painted over a radiant sea of anarchy. New and improvisational music, featuring various guest artists in different incarnations, seeking truth and the voice that brought them to this point. Hosted by Todd Brunel -

subconsciouscafe new chamber music : - occasional Saturdays, 8pm $10 or b/o
Rob Chalfen's long-running improvised music series continues at OUTPOST and elsewhere. Innovative chamber music at play on the spectra of jazz, electronic, classical and world. Also may be dug by the non-subconscious mind.

THE WHIMSY! - 1 Sunday/mo, 8PM $5 or b/o
Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic
Hosted by Markus Nechay -

Steve Lantner presents : 4th Saturdays

Dave Pryant presents : monthly, by announcement

subconsciouscafe : Rob Chalfen :
VORTEX : Todd Brunel :
The Whimsy! : Markus Nechay -
Steve Lantner presents : slantner@comcast.net
Courtney Brown
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John Mulrooney : poetics -

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