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OUTPOST186 Concert & Event Schedule, February 2008

Richard Sandler, "Grand Central Station, NYC 1990"Continuing through February 10:
Richard Sandler, "Living For The City: Street Photographs Of Boston and New York, 1977-1992"
Closting Festivities Feb 9&10, Films & Reception,
details at those dates, below.

OUTPOST + subconsciouscafe Concert Listings, February 2008

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Ages

OUTPOST DIRECTIONS: Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm doors unless otherwise noted.
Admission by donation at door.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, no alcohol please.

Starting January 8, regular gallery hours are 1-4pm Tuesday through Sunday.
CONTACT: robchalfen@hotmail.com617.876.0860

Nice write up on Outpost in the Glob, Sunday 27 Jan. Outpost is the 2nd item:

on Richard Sandler's Films:
On our "Small Arts Group Die Off", 13 January:
Big Red & Shiny:§ion=article&article=DONT_DRINK_THE_1485440
BILL MARX/The Arts Fuse: Boston Foundation to Small Theatres - Drop Dead Please!

Continuing through February 10:
Richard Sandler, "Living For The City: Street Photographs Of Boston and New York, 1977-1992"

Richard Sandler began shooting pictures on the streets of Boston in 1977 during a heyday for Boston photographers. He crashed a photo class at Harvard with Ben Lifson and studied briefly with Garry Winogrand at the New England School of Photography.

Richard Sandler moved to New York in 1980 and intensively photographed on the streets there until 1992,the year he began shooting street video. Richard's photographs are in the collections of the New York Public Library, The Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Fine Art, Houston.

FEB 9 + 10 : Closing Reception featuring the films of Richard Sandler SEE LISTING AT DATES, BELOW

Concerts & Events


Fri. 1 February @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
VORTEX presents:
”Liquid Life”Jim Warshauer - woodwinds / Gregory White - oud / Sven Larson - bass Grant Smith - percussion

Liquid Life is a four-way collaboration featuring the unusual instrumentation of oud, woodwinds, string bass, and percussion. The band came together out of a desire to play fiery, rhythmic improvisational music at low acoustic volumes. Performances can flow from jazz to funk grooves to distinctly middle eastern feels, all seamlessly and organically. These skilled musicians create a musical empathy in the moment that audiences can immediately relate to. Fans of acoustic music, jazz, world fusion, and collective improvisation will all connect with this exciting music.

Fri. 8 February @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
Cello Alley presents:
Dennis Moser - Guitar and Looping
+Emily Moore - Violin and Looping
Rivera Brunel Method
Todd Brunel - clarinets
Robert Rivera - cello

Sat. 9 Feb. & Sun. 10 Feb. - FREE


Closing Receptions, 2pm
"Living For The City: Street Photographs Of Boston and New York, 1977-1992," by Richard Sandler.

Renowned NYC photographer & filmmaker Richard Sandler will be present at his closing reception for his exhibit of New York black and white photography at Outpost. Reception @ 2 pm.


Saturday, 9 Feb., 4:30 pm
At 4:30pm we will present a showing of his award-winning documentary feature film “The Gods of Times Square”, on the occasion of its dvd release by Brink Films.

Sunday, 10 Feb., 4:30 pm
At 4:30 pm, we will present his other films, as follows:

Brave New York, (2004, 57min)
SWAY, (2006, 33min)


Everybody Is Hurting, (2006, 55min)
Aka Martha’s Vineyard (12min.)

Saturday, February 9
The Gods Of Times Square, (1999, 112:00) is about religious zealots in the fabled square and about the grotesque process of "Disney-fication there. "Gods" chronicles the last days of the old Times Square and it's traditional function as a place of freer speech. "The Gods of Times Square" has won a number of film festival awards including "best documentary" at the 1999 Chicago Underground Film Festival.

Sunday, February 10
Brave New York, (2004, 57:00) is a free form documentary that loosely chronicles the last 12 years of intense change in the East Village “hood.” From the reopening of a newly curfewed Tompkins Square Park and Wigstock in ‘92, to the destruction of the cherished Loisaida Community Gardens, to the yuppie invasions of the dot com years, to the present era, indelibly stamped with post-9/11 grief, this durable, lusty neighborhood survives in spite of a real estate gold rush that has excluded all but the well-to-do. The movie’s main voices are those of the artists and street people whose wisdom and commentaries upon the dominant culture give us pause amidst the speedy approach of a “Brave New World.”
SWAY, (2006, 33:00) is a free-form documentary about the underground portion of the NYC subway system; edited from 12 years of daily shooting on the trains and on the platforms.


Everybody Is Hurting, (2006, 55:00) is a documentary about the day of 9/11/01 in NYC, and the muscular debate and soul-searching that raged in Union Square Park in the days and weeks after the attacks. The piece ends with a coda of contextual video of the World Trade Center towers from the previous 10 years.
A review from England:

Aka Martha’s Vineyard (12min.)
A powerful giant as big as a mountain, has a pet frog as big as an elephant.
They live on an island called NOEPE, which means "A PLACE OF REFUGE."
This is the island now known as Martha's Vineyard.

In a dream the giant, whose name is MOSHOP, saw that Europeans were coming and he mourned,
then he split from the scene, knowing that these people were truly
un-hip, and would not "get" the beauty that subsumed their world and culture.

MOSHOP dreamed that the shit was about to hit the fan, so he turned his pet frog into a stone.
The European people arriving on "floating islands" (sail boats) would cause them terrible harm,
in the form of small pox, Christianity and outright genocide.
But, their world, though seriously injured, would survive.
Fast forward to today where 350 people form the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head/Aquinnah.

"Aka Martha's Vineyard," (shot on super-8 films) is a study for a feature documentary and a first glimpse through that giant stone-frog's eye.

Fri. 15 February @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
VORTEX presents:
Guitarist Doug Principato, aka
“The Grand Pepper of Reality”
Neil Leonard - saxophone & electronics,
Anthony Baldino - computer music
”The Rivera Brunel Method”
Todd Brunel - clarinets / Robert Rivera - cello /

Doug has long been a fixture in the New York avante guard scene collaborating with such musicians as Sabir Mateen, Andre Martinez and Francoise Grillot. His earth shaking band ‘Earth People’ combines numerous influences and talent…the ‘real new York scene’:

Composer, saxophonist Neil Leonard will stir electro acoustic sound scapes and other worldy visions. Please check himn out online at:
http// or http//

Saturday 16 Feb. @ Outpost - 1-3pm $5 or b/o - A Family Event
MOONSHIP presents:
"Music is the universal Language of the Heart" Using this quote as our inspiration, The Moonship invites you to gather and share songs and dances. We will bring instruments and a hefty supply of great and simple songs for group singing and playing. A perfect way to warm the heart in cold January, we also welcome you to share your own songs that you love to spontaneously croon.
All ages welcome!! $5 donation FREE for 3 and under.

Saturday 16 Feb @ OUTPOST, 3-5pm $5 or b/o
MOONSHIP presents:
Jason Berube : Lecture
“The Mayan Calendar & The Transformation Of Consciousness”

Jason wll show how the Mayan calendar can be used to track the evolution of human consciousness through its various cycles. Come learn what 2012 holds in store for us all!

Fri. 22 February @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
Improvelocity ~ Intimate Public Experiments ~ presents:
"Crayons & Cray-Pas"
Bring colors, sketch pad or coloring book and let our "kaleidoscope for the ears" inspire your art! Improvelocity is Andrea Loretz Frey - soprano / Tonia Pinheiro - vocals / Todd Brunel - clarinets / Joel Cohen - cello / Paul Rodriguez - guitar / Ukumbwa Sauti - percussion / Grant Smith - drums / and guest artists


VORTEX - 1st & 3rd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Microtonal soundscapes painted over a radiant sea of anarchy. New and improvisational music, featuring various guest artists in different incarnations, seeking truth and the voice that brought them to this point. Hosted by Todd Brunel -

CELLO ALLEY - 2nd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
New & Improvised Music
We will present all aspects of the modern improvising string player, in solo and ensemble settings, with electronics and without. Hosted by Robert Rivera

IMPROVELOCITY - 4th Fridays, 8pm $10 or b/o
An interactive, improvisational "kaleidoscope for the ears" fusing jazz, symphonic, microtonal, indigenous, ambient, vocals, written words, and elements from the other side of the universe. Hosted by Toni Pinheiro and members of Improvelocity.

subconsciouscafe new chamber music : - occas. Saturdays, 8pm $10 or b/o
Rob Chalfen's long-running improvised music series continues at OUTPOST and elsewhere. Innovative chamber music at play on the spectra of jazz, electronic, classical and world. Also may be dug by the non-subconscious mind.

THE WHIMSY! - 3rd Sundays, 8PM $5 or b/o
Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic
Hosted by Markus Nechay

AL’S CROCKPOT - Sundays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, food, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set. Crackpots welcome. Hosted by Al Nidle, so it's only fair.

MOONSHIP presents - for kids - 3rd Saturdays, $5, under 3 Free 1pm, 1hr.
family shows for young and old. From pirates to dragons, fairies to magic beans, each month THE MOONSHIP will take you on a wonderful adventure with storytelling, music, puppets and more!

MOONSHIP - 2nd Saturdays 1pm(kids)+8pm, $5 or b/o
Pirates, aliens, poets and madmen, belly dancing goddesses and shamanic punks.

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VORTEX : Todd Brunel :
Improvelocity : Toni Pinheiro :
Cello Alley : Robert Rivera :
Moonship : Jason Berube :
The Whimsy! : Markus Nechay -
Al's Crockpot : Al Nidle -

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