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OUTPOST186 Concert & Event Schedule, April 2008

Edrie Edrie - see 26 April

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Ages

BULLETIN:The Moonship show for Sat 19 April is cancelled due to sched snafus. Apologies from the Moonship Krewe!

OUTPOST DIRECTIONS: Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.

All shows 8pm doors unless otherwise noted.
Admission by donation at door.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, no alcohol please.

Starting January 8, regular gallery hours are 1-4pm Tuesday through Sunday when exhibition is up.
CONTACT: robchalfen@hotmail.com617.876.0860

WE GET PRESS!!Nice write up on Outpost in the Glob, Sunday 27 Jan. Outpost is the 2nd item:

on Richard Sandler's Films:
On our "Small Arts Group Die Off", 13 January:
Big Red & Shiny:§ion=article&article=DONT_DRINK_THE_1485440
BILL MARX/The Arts Fuse: Boston Foundation to Small Theatres - Drop Dead Please!

APRIL 2008
Vlada Tomova
Bulgarian traditional singing workshop
with Vlada Tomova (Balkan Beat Box, Balkan Tales, & Yasna Voices)

Bulgarian traditional singing
– village styles & arranged folk music –
(demonstration, warm up & vocal technique, singing)

The workshop will explore technique, sound and different styles of Bulgarian women’s traditional singing, and the difference between village styles and arranged folklore, a cappella and accompanied by instruments.

In two hours we will cover three areas:

- listening and brief overview (20 min),
- vocal warm up and specific vocal production exercises (20 min),
- learn two songs, one in diaphonic village style, and one arranged a cappella song, in the style of *.

Listening materials and copies of music will be provided. Please RSVP to to ensure space and materials availability.

See Vlada & Balkan Tales in concert - Ryles Jazz Club, Apr 2, 8-11pm

Thurs. 3 April @ Outpost, 8pm, $7 or b/o
“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Salon Series”
Michael Bierylo (guitar, laptop); Rick Scott (keyboards, percussion), Erik Lindgren (keyboards, electronics) plus
Encanti (laptop/glitch master) & special guests

Members of the legendary electrified chamber ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic look forward to returning for an extended residence at Outpost 186. Our weekly sessions last fall produced some interesting music with the help of guests like Vessela Stoyanova from Fluttr Effect, Roger Miller from Mission of Burma and electronic artist Ben Cantil. The performances went into some uncharted territory for the group and we look forward to continuing this spring. We'll be joined once again by laptop/glitch master Encanti.

Updates on performers and guests will posted of the band's MySpace page:
Todd Brunel
Friday 4 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $7 or b/o
VORTEX series for new & improvised music presents
Regie Gibson - spoken word, percussion
Todd Brunel - clarinets, Bulgarian double flute
Robert Rivera - violoncello, bass
Eric N. Peterson - middle-eastern percussion

Synesthesia: n. 1. A sensation produced in one modality when a
stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a
certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color. 2. A
seamless marriage of word, song, chant, cello, percussion and bass
clarinet. 3. What happens when an Irish ballad meets Moroccan rhythms,when a Shakespearean sonnet hangs out with classical cello and when modern American poetry funks up with Egyptian Tabla or Latin cajon. 4. An artistic offering happening at Depot Square Gallery (Come see what you've needed to hear.)

Regie Gibson: n. 1.Word guy. "A talent rare charismatic and humane...when you perform you are supersonic and in the sing and chant for all of us. Nobody gets left out" ~ Kurt Vonnegut 2. Has worked with artists as diverse as David Amram, Mos Def, John Legend,Richie Havens and Kurt Vonnegut. Has performed with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra "X". 3. He and his work appear in the film "love jones" (a film based on events in his life.) 4. Is a National Poetry Slam Individual Champion, has been featured on NPR, HBO, and has been nominated for a Boston Emmy Award for his featured performance on WGBH-2's Art Close-Up.

Clarinetist Todd Brunel: n. 1. A critically acclaimed advocate of new and improvised music. 2. Enjoys a dual career as a crossover jazz and classical musician. 3. Has premiered works by numerous composers and performed as a guest artist at such venues as Carnegie Hall and Preservation Jazz Hall in New Orleans. Robert Rivera n. 1. A classically trained acoustic/electric cellist. 2. Studied at the Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, the Longy School of Music, the Boston Conservatory, and the Moscow Conservatory. 3. Has played extensively in the US and Europe, working in genres as diverse
as classical, jazz, and improvisational music. "Robert Rivera is a
rush." (Boston Globe).

Also Featuring Middle-Eastern Percussionist: Eric N. Peterson

Monday, 7 April 8pm $7 or b/o
Antennaloop presents:
featuring James Coleman - theremin / Ricardo Donoso - percussion & electronics / Nathan Ahlers - prepared guitar
G. David Gross - beetbox / Angela Sawyer - suitcase / Polly Hansen - drums / Vic Rawlings - Richard Marx Tapes
“Milo Jones” - solo acoustic guitar

...electro-acoustic music for body & mind

about Moshi Moshi:
moshimoshiiamthedecider is the leader of the new american rock. irreverent and deeply pious, the moshi (as they are known by their most devoted) are at one turn simultaneously attacking all that has come before with a switchblade and carefully loving each atom of everything and everyone around them. there is simply no description possible regarding their music except possibly to say that every performance of moshimoshiiamthedecider will lead all participants (and their friends too!) on a journey which will fulfill beyond all ecstasy.

Thurs. 10 April @ Outpost, 8pm $7 or b/o
“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Salon Series”
Michael Bierylo (guitar, laptop); Rick Scott (keyboards, percussion), Erik Lindgren (keyboards, electronics)plus
Encanti (laptop/glitch master) & special guests

Friday 11 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $7 or b/o
Cello Alley presents:
“The Brunel/Rivera Method & Guests”
Todd Brunel - clarinets / Robert Rivera - cello
With guest percussionist / composer Gary Fieldman
Ryan Tebo - Video Improv

Gary Fieldman is creative in a wide and eclectic variety of musical situations. He’s performed and recorded with Todd Brunel in The Circadian Rhythm Kings as well as in Ara Sarkissian’s group Mussaner. His recordings and compositions include Field Effect, The Gary Fieldman Quartet, on The Rotary Records, and Ratty’s Loving Surprise,, a narration with music composition featuring new music ensemble Know Trio, Mr. Fieldman is also the founder of, an artist supported funding organization concentrating on the victims of war in Darfur.

Saturday 12 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
subconsciouscafé presents
John Voigt
“Ring Tones : Saturn Calling”
Music from Enceladus & Poetry of Sun Ra
John Voigt : solo electro-acoustic bass

This piece uses the radio signals from Saturn's moon Enceladus. John will channel the Music of the Spheres from this moon.

NASA space probes have picked up radio signals from Enceladus, a tiny moon of Saturn. Enceladus has organic chemicals, and has steam pouring from it--other than our earth, it is the most likely place in our solar system for life. Scientists do not know why this is so. There are further mysteries about this which will only be revealed the night of the performance.

POETRY OF SUN RA.This piece has readings of Sun Ra¹s poetry, along with musical excerpts from the classic science fiction film Forbidden Planet.,

Sunday, April 13 @ OUTPOST, 8pm $7 or b/o
“Al’s Crockpot”
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set.
“Eric Zinman’s Euphoric Trio”
Eric Zinman - euphonium / John Voigt - bass / Robert Rivera - cello
Ths. 17 April @ Outpost, 8pm $7 or b/o
“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Salon Series”
Michael Bierylo (guitar, laptop); Rick Scott (keyboards, percussion), Erik Lindgren (keyboards, electronics)plus
Encanti (laptop/glitch master) & special guests

Friday 18 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $7 or b/o
“The Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble”
Neil Leonard - alto sax / Anthony Baldino - lap top / Todd Brunel - clarinets / Robert Rivera - Cello / John Mulrooney - poetry / Emil Tobenfeld - spontaneous visual art

A multi-faceted fusion of electro-acoustic music and sounds, augmenting words and visual images.
Omega Moon
Sat. 19 April @ OUTPOST, 1-3pm - $5 or b/o A Family Event


MOONSHIP presents:
"Music is the universal Language of the Heart" Using this quote as our inspiration, The Moonship invites you to gather and share songs and dances. We will bring instruments and a hefty supply of great and simple songs for group singing and playing. A perfect way to warm the heart in cold January, we also welcome you to share your own songs that you love to spontaneously croon.
All ages welcome!! $5 donation FREE for 3 and under.
3pm: WAND WORKSHOP w/ Omega Moon from NY - $25
** We will learn how to make beautiful magic crystal wands and everyone will take one home!
All materials will be provided!
$25 - PLEASE PRE-REGISTER- We need at least 15 people to make this workshop happen!!

Sunday 20 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
“The Whimsy!” Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic

Thursday 24 April @ Outpost, 8pm $7 or b/o
“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Salon Series”
Michael Bierylo (guitar, laptop); Rick Scott (keyboards, percussion), Erik Lindgren (keyboards, electronics)plus
Encanti (laptop/glitch master) & special guests
Friday 25 April @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
Improvelocity Intimate Public Experiments ~ presents:
"elements & elementals - if we could hear them what would they say? "

Andrea Loretz Frey - soprano / Tonia Pinheiro - vocals / Todd Brunel - clarinets / Joel Cohen - cello / Paul Rodriguez - guitar / Ukumbwa Sauti - percussion / Grant Smith - drums / guest artists

A collective improvisational experience, fusing jazz, symphonic, microtonal, blues and elements from the other side of the universe.

Saturday 26 April 8pm $5 or b/o
from the army of broken toys comes
Walter Sickert's "Plastic Powwow 89"
For a night of Rain Dances, intimate musical performances, video, communal sound making, honoring the Dead (people & animals) and above all merriment hysteria!!!

BYO: Food / Drinks / Instruments

Entry = 5$, Food, Drink donation and/or a kiss on the cheek
Walter Sickert
Wednesday 30 April @ Outpost, 8pm $7 or b/o
“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Salon Series”
Michael Bierylo (guitar, laptop); Rick Scott (keyboards, percussion), Erik Lindgren (keyboards, electronics)plus
Encanti (laptop/glitch master) & special guests

Thursday 1 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $7 or b/o

Dave Bryant
Saturday 3 May @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
subconsciouscafé presents
Dave Bryant - piano / John Turner - bass / Eric Rosenthal - drums / Curt Newton - drums

Friday 16 May @ Cambridge YMCA 8pm $15
subconsciouscafe presents
"Pete Robbins & Centric"


VORTEX - 1st & 3rd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Microtonal soundscapes painted over a radiant sea of anarchy. New and improvisational music, featuring various guest artists in different incarnations, seeking truth and the voice that brought them to this point. Hosted by Todd Brunel -

CELLO ALLEY - 2nd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
New & Improvised Music
We will present all aspects of the modern improvising string player, in solo and ensemble settings, with electronics and without. Hosted by Robert Rivera

IMPROVELOCITY - 4th Fridays, 8pm $10 or b/o
An interactive, improvisational "kaleidoscope for the ears" fusing jazz, symphonic, microtonal, indigenous, ambient, vocals, written words, and elements from the other side of the universe. Hosted by Toni Pinheiro and members of Improvelocity.

subconsciouscafe new chamber music : - occas. Saturdays, 8pm $10 or b/o
Rob Chalfen's long-running improvised music series continues at OUTPOST and elsewhere. Innovative chamber music at play on the spectra of jazz, electronic, classical and world. Also may be dug by the non-subconscious mind.

THE WHIMSY! - 3rd Sundays, 8PM $5 or b/o
Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic
Hosted by Markus Nechay

AL’S CROCKPOT - Sundays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, food, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set. Crackpots welcome. Hosted by Al Nidle, so it's only fair.

MOONSHIP presents - for kids - 3rd Saturdays, $5, under 3 Free 1pm, 1hr.
family shows for young and old. From pirates to dragons, fairies to magic beans, each month THE MOONSHIP will take you on a wonderful adventure with storytelling, music, puppets and more!

MOONSHIP - 2nd Saturdays 1pm(kids)+8pm, $5 or b/o
Pirates, aliens, poets and madmen, belly dancing goddesses and shamanic punks.

subconsciouscafe : Rob Chalfen :
VORTEX : Todd Brunel :
Improvelocity : Toni Pinheiro :
Cello Alley : Robert Rivera :
Moonship : Jason Berube :
The Whimsy! : Markus Nechay -
Al's Crockpot : Al Nidle -
Eric Zinman:,
Birdsongs: Michael Bierylo -

All disclaimers are for reflexive and tautological purposes only, and should not be construed as applying to any errors, typos, or outright fraudulent misrepresentations, real or imaginary, that may be contained in this notice.

Thank you,
Harlan T. Flash
Corresponding Secretary

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