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OUTPOST Concert Schedule, Autumn 2007

Richard Sandler "NYC - 5th & 57th" Reception 16 Dec. 2pm
The photographs are on display through January.

OUTPOST + subconsciouscafe Concert Listings, FALL 2007

OUTPOST: 186 ½ Hampshire St., Inman Sq. Cambridge - All Ages

OUTPOST DIRECTIONS: Near cr. Prospect, opposite Hess gas, behind 7-11. Big ‘186’ on R side. Follow walk at Left to gallery, REAR.


All shows 8pm doors unless otherwise noted.
All donations cheerfully accepted.
No reservations, come early!
All shows all ages.
No smoking, no alcohol please.
CONTACT: robchalfen@hotmail.com617.876.0860

Some shows around Xmas have been canceled due to seasonal madness, as indicated.

Starting in January gallery hours will be 1-4pm as we can arrange it! Stay tuned for details.

December 2007

Sunday, 2 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
“Al’s Crockpot”
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set.

Fri. 7 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
VORTEX presents:
”Improv Travelers”

Michael Carey, woodwinds / Greg Pare, drums / Jason Davis, bass
a guest t.b.a...

MIKE CAREY plays in the Boston area with Anita Coelho, Sandi Hammond, Improvelocity, Mike Barylle, and his own quartet. Has toured the US with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and performed with The Platters, The Crystals and Phil Woods, among others.

GREG PARE, composer and drummer, holds a Masters in theory from NEC and is the music director at St. Gerard of Majella Parish.

Bassist JASON DAVIS - Since coming back to his home town of Lexington he has been playing with Rusty Scott and friends.

We have playful arrangements of jazz tunes and some solos sections of emotional depth to help you enjoy the intimate room; Outpost.

Sunday, 9 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
“Al’s Crockpot”
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set.

Thursday, 13 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $8
“New England Film Movement” - a networking event
A monthly evening for film-makers and film-related artists to connect with the film community.

Fri. 14 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
Cello Alley presents:
Rabid Owl + Robert Rivera - solo cello

Rabid Owl:
Roger W. Fritz - guitar / Alison Hearn - flute / Chris Pert - trumpet / Mike Drzewiecki - drums

Sat. 15 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 4pm - $7 - A Family Event
MOONSHIP presents:
“Season of the Light - A Solstice Celebration”
Jenn Bliss of MOONSHIP and Sue Eaton of MAGICAL CREATIONS team up to present SEASON OF THE LIGHT, the tale of four Winter celebrations, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas through interactive storytelling and live music! Bring your whole family and Share the Light!!
Tickets-$7/Free for ages 3 and under
Info: 617-620-9517,

Sunday, 16 Dec. @ OUTPOST free
2pm Reception, 4:30pm Screening
Richard Sandler - NYC photographs & film screening

"Living For The City: Street Photographs Of Boston and New York, 1977-1992," by Richard Sandler.

Guggenheim award winning NYC photographer & filmmaker Richard Sandler presents his New York black and white photography at Outpost. Reception @ 2pm. The show will run through most of January.

At 4:30pm he will present a showing of his award-winning documentary feature film “The Gods of Times Square”, on the occasion of its dvd release by Brink Films.


"Living For The City: Street Photographs Of Boston and New York, 1977-1992," by Richard Sandler.

Richard Sandler began shooting pictures on the streets of Boston in 1977 during a heyday for Boston photographers. He crashed a photo class at Harvard with Ben Lifson and studied briefly with Garry Winogrand at the New England School of Photography.

Richard Sandler moved to New York in 1980 and intensively photographed on the streets there until 1992,the year he began shooting street video. Richard's photographs are in the collections of the New York Public Library, The Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Fine Art, Houston.

Sandler's videos and films are, "The Gods Of Times Square"(1999), "Brave New York" (2004), "Sway" 2006, "Everybody Is Hurting" 2006, "The Rocks Of Eternity: Conversations with Satish Kumar" 2007, and a film, (in progress) "Aka Martha's Vineyard." Sandler has received two New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships in photography (1992, 1998) and a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship for filmmaking in 2006. "The Gods Of Times Square" has won a number of festival awards including "best documentary" at the '99 Chicago Underground Film festival and the '99 Rotterdam Film Festival.

THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE was shot over a six year period that witnessed a radical transformation of Times Square. Gone now are the mom and pop stores, squeezed out by a real estate gold rush. Gone too are the colorful characters who made Times Square a "speaker's corner". THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE thus records a time
in New York City history when the place most identified with free speech and the soul of New York, changed from a democratic and interracial common ground, into a corporate controlled, soulless theme park. The former versions of Times Square offered its
congregants a place to air their thoughts and blow off a little steam, to rant about God and race on the one hand or see a "B" movie or buy sex, at the other end of the Times Square spectrum. Now the choices are fewer, the prices are higher, and the "sin" is gone. Times Square now plays host to the newest of Gods: Micky, Minnie and Goofy on one corner, Bugs, Daffy and Porky on the other...God help Times Square!

"The Gods of Times Square is one of those rare documentaries that combines a cinematic eye with a compelling and genuine narrative. This is what doc filmmaking is about." - Scott Petersen, indieWIRE

Sunday, 16 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
“The Whimsy!” Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic

Fri. 21 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
VORTEX presents:
Gary Fieldman, solo percusion
Percussionist, composer and music educator Gary Fieldman is active in a variety of musical genres throughout the US and Europe. He has performed with Joanne Brackeen, David Liebman, Bill Frisell, Ben Monder and Bevan Manson, and has recorded with Don Byron and George Garzone.

Saturday, 22 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
“Dave Maxwell & the Electrosonics”
David Maxwell - electric piano / Todd Brunel - bass clarinet & electronics / Robert Rivera - cello & electronics
Dave plugs into electro-acoustic space with key local improvisers to take it OUT at the OUTPOST.

Sunday, 23 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $5 or b/o
“Al’s Crockpot” presents : Nidle’s Saturnalia
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set.

Fri. 28 Dec. @ OUTPOST, 8pm $10 or b/o
VORTEX presents:
Andrea Loretz Frey - soprano / Toni Maria Pinheiro - vocals / Ukumbwa Sauti - percussion / Joel Cohen - cello / Todd Brunel - clarinets / Michael Carey - sax and flute / Paul Rodriguez - guitar / Grant Smith - drums

A collective improvisational experience, fusing jazz, symphonic, microtonal, blues and elements from the other side of the universe.


(on sabbatical til Feb)
~ an improv residency
Thursdays, 8pm free or b/o
Members of the legendary electrified chamber ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic will be in residence at Outpost this fall with occasional special guests. The group normally performs almost entirely composed music, complex enough that it is read on stage from sheet music. Birdsongs will be incorporating for the first time large amounts of textural improvisation. These evenings will be devoted to public experimentation in this direction.

- 1st & 3rd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Microtonal soundscapes painted over a radiant sea of anarchy. New and improvisational music, featuring various guest artists in different incarnations, seeking truth and the voice that brought them to this point. Hosted by Todd Brunel -

- 2nd Fridays, 8pm $5 or b/o
New & Improvised Music
We will present all aspects of the modern improvising string player, in solo and ensemble settings, with electronics and without. Hosted by Robert Rivera

IMPROVELOCITY - 4th Fridays, 8pm $10 or b/o
An interactive, improvisational "kaleidoscope for the ears" fusing jazz, symphonic, microtonal, indigenous, ambient, vocals, written words, and elements from the other side of the universe. Hosted by Toni Pinheiro and members of Improvelocity.

subconsciouscafe new chamber music : - occas. Saturdays, 8pm $10 or b/o
Rob Chalfen's long-running improvised music series continues at OUTPOST and elsewhere. Innovative chamber music at play on the spectra of jazz, electronic, classical and world. Also may be dug by the non-subconscious mind.

THE WHIMSY! - 3rd Sundays, 8PM $5 or b/o
Song & poesy, bohemian vaudeville, open mic
Hosted by Markus Nechay

- Sundays, 8pm $5 or b/o
Al cooks, you eat. Madness, satire, food, music & espresso for the post-apocalyptic set. Crackpots welcome. Hosted by Al Nidle, so it's only fair.

MOONSHIP presents - for kids - 3rd Saturdays, $5, under 3 Free 1pm, 1hr.
family shows for young and old. From pirates to dragons, fairies to magic beans, each month THE MOONSHIP will take you on a wonderful adventure with storytelling, music, puppets and more!

MOONSHIP - 3rd Saturdays 1pm(kids)+8pm, $5 or b/o
Pirates, aliens, poets and madmen, belly dancing goddesses and shamanic punks.

subconsciouscafe : Rob Chalfen :
VORTEX : Todd Brunel :
Improvelocity : Toni Pinheiro :
Cello Alley : Robert Rivera :
Moonship : Jason Berube :
Birdsongs & Friends : Ken Field:
The Whimsy! : Markus Nechay -
Al's Crockpot : Al Nidle -

All disclaimers are for reflexive and tautological purposes only, and should not be construed as applying to any errors, typos, or outright fraudulent misrepresentations, real or imaginary, that may be embedded in this notice.

Thank you,
Harlan T. Flash
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