Sunday, April 15, 2007

about Zeitgeist Outpost

OUTPOST is a blog for the Zeitgeist Diaspora, a Virtual Zeitgeist Gallery (Cambridge, Mass.) for the wayward scattered legions (you know who you are). Its a more interactive version of the Z website, to post what's up with you, news about potential new spaces, what you think about what the Zeitgeist should be, performance and art event info, praise & hosannas, grousing & crabbing. You'll be able to put up images & sound files, eventually if not already (I'm a blognoramus) (but I'm learning). Consider it a work in collective progress - it'll be interesting to see how it actually plays out - make the law of unintended consequences work for you!

Other ways I'm thinking about OUTPOST is as a magazine open to various creative networks, containing all the kinds of stuff we think of as going on at the Z: art & music, but also poetry & writing like we had in the Zeitgeist Improbable 'zine. OUTPOST may eventually have a paper component - I still dig being able to hand people a Thing. Consider me the editor/curator, but I'll rule with an iron feather.

Since I'm starting the damn thing, it'll also be a sort of clearinghouse for stuff I'm doing &/or interested in, like:

-subconsciouscafe new chamber music series
-community media : fm radio & webcasting
-jazz & improvised music
-Outpost itself as morphing phenomenon
-Zeitgeist Gallery (Cambridge, MA)
-writings, drawings & photos, new & archive

for now here are a few key links:

new amazing boston jazz/improv site:

my woefully neglected sub'cafe site:

Prometheus community radio site:


Library of Vinyl Experience : a 4 page tour through my 78rpm record stash :

More obsessive ragtime arcana: JR Europe/Castles footage, 1914:

Institute for Parallel Studies: R&D from "the world next door"

Rob Chalfen
minister of propaganda / zeitgeist gallery


Anonymous said...

lovely rob! this is an excellent idea-

prometheus radio project is literally ablock away from my home in philadelphia. they're neighborhood 1-watt station(legal, but fairly hearable, as its in a church steeple) is probably the only decent radio in the area(the one complaint i have about philly)- i remember there was talk about putting a transmitter in the steple of the baptist church in central sq at one point. . . hm!

oh! by the way a technical note- i would, were i you, add the word recognition security thing to your preferences in comments(ask someone computer saavy what i'm talking about)-- otherwise the comments to all your posts will get fulla spam. . . ..

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